Northeastern University School of Law

MS/PhD in Law, Policy & Society

This interdisciplinary graduate program is designed for the study of policy, social issues and the law. The Law, Policy and Society Program is based in Northeastern University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and is affiliated with graduate schools throughout the university.

This dynamic program offers students in the School of Law the opportunity to study for a MS or PhD in Law, Policy and Society while concurrently attending law school. Students pursuing dual degrees plan their schedules with the assistance of advisors from the law school and the LPS Program. Applicants to the School of Law interested in pursuing a concurrent degree do not need to duplicate each school’s request for letters of recommendation, transcripts and standardized test scores. Applicants should complete the law school application and note on it that they are applying to LPS and submit the LPS application form to LPS, noting on it that they are applying to the School of Law. The application deadline for LPS is February 15.

Further details on the Law, Policy and Society Program may be obtained by contacting:
Joan Fitzgerald
Director, Law, Policy and Society Program
Northeastern University
205 Holmes Hall
Boston, MA 02115
Phone: (617) 373-3644
E-mail: or