Conference Resources

Keynote Address/Interview

Panel 1
Key Challenges to Lawyering for the Sustainable City

Breakout Sessions


Breakout 1
Human Rights, Environmental Justice and Growth of Cities


Breakout 2 
Urban Transportation and City Infrastructure: Ensuring Wise Design, Mobility and Equitable Operations and Access for all Populations


Breakout 3

Floods, Droughts and Sea Level Rise: Implications for Zoning and Project Design

Panel 2
Innovative Solutions: Lawyering for Resilient and Healthy Communities


Breakout 1
Organizing Agreements and Financing Projects: How Lawyers Can Make a Difference through Innovative Transactions and Public-Private Partnerships


Breakout 2: 
Revamping and Rezoning the city for Resilient Water Management: Envisioning “Green Infrastructure” and Integrating Urban Systems with Ecosystems


Breakout 3: 
Powering the City: New Legal Approaches to Obtaining, Using and Conserving Energy 


Breakout 4: 
Career Paths for Students Lawyering in Sustainability: Pursuing Innovative Endeavors with Legal Tools, both Old and New