Our old way is the new way

“Experiential” and “collaborative” are today’s hot buttons in legal education. But at this law school those buttons have been hot for 50 years. We developed our practical learning education model in 1968. Central to it is our Cooperative Legal Education Program, which allows you to graduate with multiple full-time jobs on your resume. We walk the talk in terms of collaboration, too. Instead of grades, students get written evaluations from their professors and co-op employers. Without a class rank to compete for, students are free to work together and take intellectual risks they might not be able to if they felt they had to always watch their backs.

Our faculty is among the best in the nation

Northeastern University School of Law faculty members have studied at some of the best schools in the nation — Harvard, Yale and even Northeastern. These nationally recognized professors publish in the most prestigious journals and are hands-on participants in a great deal of pro bono legislative and policy work. So while you’re out doing your co-ops, they’re working out in the real world too. But they won’t drop credentials just to impress you. Instead they’ll share their experiences to help you become the best attorney possible.

Change the world from anywhere in the world

It may sound cliché or overly aggressive to want to change the world. But at Northeastern University School of Law, we’re idealistic pragmatists. So to de-cliché it, we offer a breadth of opportunities so you can define what “change the world” means to you. The practical experience you gain in co-ops and the strong sense of social responsibility you develop in the classroom will help you find both yourself and opportunities all over the world. Our graduates work in public interest law organizations such as Common Cause and the ACLU, legal services and public defender offices and private practices where they’re leading the way in pro bono work and impact litigation. The options are endless and borderless.

Questions? Contact us — or come visit. We can’t wait to meet you.