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¡Bienvenidos a nuestra familia! (Welcome to our family!) The Latinx community at Northeastern University is a familia (family) of students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends. While our primary mission is the academic success of our students, we are equally focused on providing a culturally and socially enriching environment for all.

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The LSCC’s Statement on Black Lives Matter

The LSCC wants to acknowledge the epidemic of racism that persists as we sit in our homes processing and coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. As we know, and many in our communities have experienced, this racism manifested through a system that has historically oppressed black and brown people in this country is not new. This disease has been part of the black, brown, and POC community and experience for centuries. We stand in solidarity with the many voices of dissent and carry the burden of the pain of those who are directly experiencing these incidents. You are not alone, we see you and stand alongside you.

The LSCC acknowledges and condemns anti-blackness and racism within our own Latino|a|x community. It is destructive and divisive. It breeds othering and white supremacy within our community and families. We also condemn and are sickened by the actions of racist law enforcement, including those who are Latino|a|x, and those who are complicit with their silence. Our community is deeply rooted in colonialism and continues to perpetuate anti-black and racist narratives that must be continuously called out and eradicated.

-LSCC Staff

In order to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19 and in keeping with Northeastern’s strategy of reducing density on campus we will be going virtual! Our physical doors will be closed as of 12:00pm on Tuesday, March 17.

The LSCC staff is available by phone or video call during normal LSCC hours.

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Students are encouraged to develop the skills and attributes of a leader while exploring their Latinx identity, and the other identities it intersects with.


The LaCLA (La Comunidad Latina en Acción) Scholarship is a tuition only award given to students with financial need.

Professional Development

Students engage in experiential learning through on campus and off campus professional experiences.


See upcoming events from the Latinx Student Cultural Center.

Latinx Student Cultural Center

Orgullo. Cultura. Familia.