Ogheneyunume (Yunume) Fitchorova, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist


Ogheneyunume (Yunume) Obi is a senior research scientist at KRI, where she focuses on the development of next generation magnetic materials and composites with emphasis on RF device applications, as well as integration of novel advanced magnetic materials as a foundation for new technologies. She is also an affiliated associate professor in Northeastern’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Prior to joining KRI, Obi was a senior materials scientist at Metamagnetics Inc., where she developed advanced RF and power magnetic materials and flexible magnetic composites for various modern defense and commercial radars, communications, and other high-frequency systems. Her goal was to increase efficiency and performance, while reducing size, weight, and cost. She also served as a postdoctoral research associate at Northeastern’s Center for Microwave Magnetic Materials and Integrated Circuits.

She earned her master’s and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering from Northeastern University.