Northeastern University Public Evaluation Lab

A collaboration across Northeastern University with the Institute on Urban Health and Research and The Institute on Race and Justice

The overall vision of NU-PEL is to build a community-academic evaluation partnership to improve our communities and the people living in them through the use of evaluation research. This will be accomplished by bringing together evaluation expertise and resources to advance the theory, practice and utilization of evaluation through research, education, and service.

NU-PEL is an inter-disciplinary lab comprised of faculty and student teams working to conduct evaluation research that leads to healthier communities and enhances the lives of those living within them. To advance the theory, practice, and application of program evaluation, NU-PEL utilizes mixed-method and community-involved evaluation methodology.

NU-PEL’s aims are threefold:

  1.   To build collaborations and share evaluation knowledge and expertise across Northeastern University’s colleges.
  2.   To train undergraduate and graduate students in the techniques of program evaluation through a wide-array of experiential learning opportunities.
  3.   To provide evaluation and consultative services to Greater Boston area community organizations with the mission of improving the health, wellbeing, and safety of the people impacted by these organizations.

NU-PEL’s team has over 20 years of professional program evaluation experience. Collectively, they have received funding from national, state, and local agencies including SAMHSA, NIJ, U.S. Department of Justice, NIH, NIMH, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, and Boston Public Health Commission.

Community Partners

NU-PEL is committed to supporting the Greater Boston community in the development of methods to gather and utilize rigorously collected evaluation data. This process contributes to the delivery of high quality services to improve the lives of those impacted by each agency. NU-PEL works collaboratively with organizations to determine their unique evaluation needs and design appropriate evaluation modalities.

Evaluation services provided by NU-PEL include but not limited to:

  • Writing and editing a proposal or letter of intent
  • Developing a logic model
  • Designing and/or implementing a program evaluation
  • Developing records management systems
  • Identifying and/or developing appropriate measures and instruments to determine program effectiveness.

For more information or to contact NU-PEL, please email us at: