Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures

Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures (HKHF) aims to prevent childhood obesity by supporting health promoting environments where young children live (home), learn (preschool) and play (community).

Project Launch

Project LAUNCH

The LAUNCH project promotes the emotional, social, and behavioral health of young children by enhancing early childhood service systems.

Vicarious Trauma Toolkit

Vicarious Trauma Toolkit (VTT)

Organizations know vicarious trauma hurts and are aware of the related constructs of compassion fatigue and burnout as risk factors for turnover. This project’s goal is to fill this gap by delivering a nationally pilot-tested training and technical assistance toolkit.


Boston Consortium Model Enhancement: Integrated Wellness Model for Women of Color (BCME)

An evaluation of comprehensive trauma-informed, culturally-tailored substance abuse, behavioral health, and primary care services to low-income adult women in Boston who are at high risk of or living with HIV/AIDS, with a particular focus on recruiting and serving women of color.

Providing Access to Addictions Treatment, Hope and Support (PAATHS)

An evaluation of peer led services focused on enhancing substance use treatment and recovery outcomes for predominantly Latino and African American Men and Women with a history of co-occurring (substance abuse and mental health) disorders in Boston.

Literacy Education for Improving Engagement in Treatment and Community Inclusion for People with Serious Mental Illness

This is a pilot study to develop and implement an adapted Adult Basic Education (ABE) course in a public urban outpatient mental health clinic for those with limited literacy and living with serious mental illness.

Northeastern University Public Evaluation Lab (NU-PEL)

This multidisciplinary approach will bring together evaluation expertise and resources to build a community-academic evaluation partnership to improve our communities and the people living in them through the use of evaluation.

Pathways to healing: A mixed methods investigation of the role of justice in healing of mental, physical, and social wounds of sexual assault survivors

The multidisciplinary team of researchers (Health Sciences, Law, Criminal Justice) will establish a core team at Northeastern focused on sexual violence and justice. They will collect pilot data and test different methods of recruitment, retainment and assessment to prepare for research proposals to fund a longitudinal cohort study of the role of justice in the healing of sexual assault survivors.

Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing in Construction Workers Understanding the Role of Work and the Conditions of Work

The multidisciplinary team of researchers (Health Sciences and Sociology) will use a mix-methods approach to determine construction worker perspectives on their mental health and wellbeing and how work contributes to mental health and wellbeing of the workers.

Somali Youth Risk and Resilience Project

A mixed-method multi-site longitudinal study of young Somalis in the United States and Canada to better understand pathways to and away from violence. We ultimately hope to better understand the factors that promote or prevent violence among refugee youth, as well as the role that communities play, to create a model for the prevention and intervention of youth vulnerability to violence and other negative outcomes.