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IOM Elects 65 New Members, Five Foreign Associates

The IOM announced the names of 65 new members and five foreign associates at its 40th annual meeting today.  Election to the IOM is considered one of the highest honors in the fields of health and medicine and recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievement and commitment to service.

New IOM report finds gains in women’s health

The good news: Over the last two decades, medical breakthroughs and more inclusive research have significantly improved the lives of women with cardiovascular disease, depression and osteoporosis, according to a new report by the Institute of Medicine.

Battling HIV/AIDS and the healthcare crisis in Africa

The spread of HIV/AIDS across Africa has had a devastating effect for decades. Richard Wamai, assistant professor of African American studies, is researching how a range of interventions — particularly male circumcision — can offer hope for the continent’s future in HIV prevention.

Android, Google maps help track new fresh-food spots

Mobile and mapping technologies are helping reveal good news about Chicago’s food deserts: They have shrunk 11.2 percent in the past four years as retailers have found ways to serve fresh meat, fruit and vegetables in neighborhoods on the South and West sides with no easy access to supermarkets.

Walgreens Tackles ‘Food Deserts’

Among students of the contemporary metropolis, “food deserts” have become a widely known problem. The term is generally used to describe urban neighborhoods where there are few grocers selling fresh produce, but a cornucopia of fast-food places and convenience stores selling salty snacks (though, strictly speaking, the term can be applied to rural or […]