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Players Find Tobacco Habit Hard to Shake

Players Find Tobacco Habit Hard to Shake By Peter Abraham The Boston Globe Smokeless tobacco use stubbornly remains a part of baseball, even though Major League Baseball has tried to discourage its use for the last few years because it is known to increase the risk of cancer. While smokeless tobacco use is not as […]

Public Health Minute with Dr. Alisa Lincoln

Dr. Alisa Lincoln, Associate Professor of Health Sciences and Sociology at Northeastern University and Associate Director of the Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice, shares her expertise with Public Health Minute. Click below to hear more about Dr. Lincoln’s work:

Tending to the Health Care Workers of America

Tending to the Health Care Workers of America By Timothy Hoff Given the atten­tion now paid to imple­menting national health reform, the bulk of which is now upon us as 7 mil­lion new indi­vid­uals now have health insur­ance, one impor­tant issue remains largely ignored by policy makers and industry leaders–health care workers are very unhappy. 

CVS to stop selling cigarettes by Oct. 1

CVS to stop selling cigarettes by Oct. 1 by Sarah Kliff Washington Post February 5, 2014 CVS, one of the nation’s largest drugstore chains, said Wednesday that it will stop selling cigarettes at its 7,600 locations in an expensive but calculated bid to boost its image as a full-fledged health-care provider rather than a simple […]

Tufts University Accepting Applicants to Guest Lecturers at Experimental College

Visiting Lecturer Opportunities: How To Apply Mission Statement Through its innovative, interactive, and interdisciplinary programs, the Experimental College strives to enrich the intellectual experience of undergraduates at Tufts. These programs serve as an incubator for new ideas about teaching, learning, and curriculum. They also aim to engage students actively in the design and delivery of new […]

New Public Health Q&A with IUHRP Director John Auerbach and Commissioner Cheryl Bartlett

NewPublicHealth Q&A: John Auerbach and Cheryl Bartlett on the Massachusetts Prevention and Wellness Trust The Massachusetts Prevention and Wellness Trust is a four-year, $60 million project designed to support prevention and health-promotion activities in the state. The first project of its kind in the United States will fund six to 12 collaborative initiatives, and partners on […]

IUHRP Releases White Paper on Massachusetts’ Groundbreaking Prevention and Wellness Trust

Northeastern’s Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice (IUHRP) releases white paper on Massachusetts’ Groundbreaking Prevention and Wellness Trust. Northeastern News reports on if the MA Health Trust can have a national impact. The white paper, pre­pared by Northeastern’s IUHRP, exam­ines a Mass­a­chu­setts ini­tia­tive that takes an alter­na­tive approach to sup­porting public health pro­grams: the […]

IUHRP at APHA in Boston, MA Nov 2 – Nov 7

The APHA Annual Meeting & Exposition attracts more than 13,000 national and international physicians, administrators, nurses, educators, researchers, epidemiologists, and related health specialists. APHA’s meeting program addresses current and emerging health science, policy, and practice issues in an effort to prevent disease and promote health. APHA has a world of public health in store for […]

Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice Director, John Auerbach, Publishes Discussion Paper with Institute of Medicine

Opportunity Knocks: Population Health in State Innovation Models – A closer look at emerging opportunity for reorienting the way we pay for health in the United States toward a greater focus on the non-clinical factors that make people healthy, such as the social and environmental conditions in places where people live, learn, play, and […]