Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

The Institute on Urban Health Research (IUHR) is the home to researchers whom are national leaders in a broad range of behavioral health issues impacting urban populations. IUHR researchers are involved with research aimed at improving the mental health and well-being of urban populations on multiple levels and with a focus on diverse populations.  There is a special emphasis on improving the lives of people using public mental health and substance abuse services.  Current projects focus on the relationships among social characteristics and mental health outcomes including access to education, employment, stigma and discrimination experienced by people with serious mental illness. The work is informed by our knowledge of the importance of meeting the needs of people with multiple health and social challenges, including co-morbidities among behavioral health and medical issues, as well as the socio-economic and neighborhood contexts of the lives of urban populations. In addition, IUHR researchers have led the development, implementation and evaluation of nationally recognized behavioral health programs in partnership with city, state and Federal agencies. These interventions are designed to support people as they manage and recover from the challenges associated with mental illness, substance abuse, and trauma.

Principal Investigators

Alisa LincolnDr. Alisa Lincoln

Beth Molnar

Dr. Beth Molnar