Claudia C. Santelices

Claudia Santelices

Dr. Claudia Santelices is an anthropologist who has worked on a series of fundamental and applied federally funded drinking, substance use, HIV/AIDS prevention studies and other health related diseases affecting minority populations. Her research has had a strong emphasis on migrant populations in Connecticut, including Mexicans, Guatemalans, Jamaicans and Brazilians. Before joining the Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice in October 2008, Dr. Santelices was an Associate Research Scientist at the Center for Community Health Research at the Hispanic Health Council in Hartford, CT and Center for Health Intervention and Prevention (CHIP) at the University of Connecticut. As an Associate Research Scientist at IUHRP, Dr. Santelices has been the ethnographer on many evaluation projects. Previous projects include the Moving on to Recovery and Empowerment (MORE), Women’s HIV Prevention Leadership Training Institute (WLTI), Safe and Sound Recovery (SSR), and the Post-Partum Women and Infants Study (PPWI). Dr. Santelices is currently the ethnographer and Evaluation Coordinator of two recently SAMHSA-funded studies; The Boston Consortium Model Enhancement: Integrated Wellness Model for Women of Color (BCME) and the Providing Access to Addictions, Treatment, Hope and Support (PAATHS). In addition, she is the co-investigator for facilitating HIV/AIDS and HIV testing literacy for Emergency Department patients, where she partners with colleagues at Rhode Island Hospital.

Claudia C. Santelices , Ph.D.

Associate Research Scientist

Phone: 617-373-5566

Selected Publications

Shao W, Guan W, Liu T, Santelices C, Merchant C. (2016). “Does a Video Improve Knowledge of HIV/AIDS and HIV Testing among a Global Internet Audience?”. J. Int. Assoc. Provid. AIDS Care. Sep; 15(5):392-9

Merchant RC, Clark MA, Santelices CC, Liu T, Cortes DE. “Efficacy of an HIV/AIDS and HIV testing video for Spanish-speaking Latinos in healthcare and non-healthcare settings”. 2015. AIDS Behavior, 19(3):523-35.

Merrill Singer, Claudia Santelices, Derrick Hodge, Zahira Medina, Marisa Solomon. Assessing and Responding to a Community Health Risk: Second-Hand Smoking in Puerto Rican Households. Practicing Anthropology, 2010. [THIS IS ALReady there but it appeared as ‘in press”]

Santelices, C., Stopka, T., Singer, M., & Nicolaysen, A.M. (2003). Risk and Precarious Dependencies of Puerto Rican “Idus” in El Barrio: An Ethnographic Glimpse. Practicing Anthropology, 25(3), 23-27.

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