Lindsay Rosenfeld

Lindsay RosenfeldDr. Lindsay Rosenfeld is a social epidemiologist with research interests in program and policy design that focus on the health impacts of “nonhealth” policies and programs, particularly concerning the built environment, urban planning and design, housing, neighborhoods, education, (im)migration, and health literacy.  She has taught courses at Northeastern (Race, Ethnicity, and Health) and at the Harvard School of Public Health (Health Literacy). Throughout her career she has served in numerous research, policy, teaching, and community social-service capacities—passionate about translating research into policy. These include being a founding member of the Boston Child Health Impact Assessment Working Group, a second-grade teacher in Compton, California, and cofounder and executive committee member of the Interdisciplinary Consortium on Urban Planning and Public Health.  At the IUHR, she is part of a team that works on issues related to the social determinants of health and racial/ethnic health disparities.

Lindsay Rosenfeld , SD

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research Scientist, Brandeis University

Phone: 781-736-3715

Selected Publications

Rosenfeld, L., Chew, G., Rudd, R., Emmons, K., Acosta, L., Perzanowski, M., & Acevedo-García, D. (Accepted). Are Building-Level Characteristics Associated with Indoor Level Allergens in the Household? Journal of Urban Health.

Acevedo-García, D., Rosenfeld, L., McArdle, N., & Osypuk, T. (In Press). The Geography of Opportunity: A Framework for Child Development. In Men and Boys of Color. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

Rosenfeld, L., Rudd, R., Emmons, K.M., Acevedo-García, D., Martin, L., & Buka, S. (2010). Beyond Reading Alone: The Relationship between Aural Literacy and Asthma Management. Patient Education and Counseling, 82(1), 110-116.

Rosenfeld, L., Rudd, R., Chew, G., Emmons, K., & Acevedo-García D. (2010). Are Neighborhood-Level Characteristics Associated with Indoor Level Allergens in the Household? Journal of Asthma, 47(1), 66-75.

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