Record Your Video Conferences With BlueJeans

BlueJeans LogoYou might already be using BlueJeans video conferencing, but did you know that you can now RECORD all your BlueJeans meetings?

BlueJeans allows all Northeastern faculty and staff to share knowledge with partners, colleagues and learning communities across the street and around the globe. Whether you want to join in global learning or just can’t hike across campus for a meeting, BlueJeans will connect you to where you want to be.

Now, BlueJeans will also let you record those sessions for future reference. This new feature will support efficient, effective and consistent learning and meeting outcomes.

BlueJeans allows you to:

  • Meet and share content using an in-room conferencing system
  • Collaborate with students and colleagues via both audio and video services
  • Participate in classes on- and off-campus
  • Share on any device (Windows or Mac desktop or laptop browser, or an iOS or Android mobile device)
  • NEW! Record sessions for anyone who can’t make a class or meeting

NOTE: When you sign in as a BlueJeans moderator, you will see a page outlining the guidelines for recording recognizable people and policies for what types of information can be recorded. You can also review those policies HERE.

First Time in BlueJeans?

Are you new to BlueJeans or would you like live training? Go to Northeastern’s BlueJeans info page.

Have Questions or Need help?

If you have any questions or need help, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or

New and Improved Teaching & Learning Services from ITS

Academic Technology Services has several new teaching and learning tools available for faculty and students: Solstice, PlayPosit Interactive Video Maker and Poll Everywhere. In addition, a new version of Blackboard Collaborate, called Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, is available and slated to be the primary web conferencing tool beginning in Fall 2017.


Solstice, an innovative collaboration technology, is up and running in classrooms 136 and 138 in the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC).

In Solstice-equipped spaces students can each connect to a shared monitor to collaborate wirelessly simultaneously. Faculty are able to join any one of these tables as needed or moderate student sharing to the primary projection screen. This makes shared monitors useful for class discussion of student-generated ideas or homework.

Soon, Solstice will be available in Library Collaboration rooms A, B, and C for student collaborative work on projects or presentations.

For more information about Solstice, including how-to videos, check out the Solstice information on the ATS website.

PlayPosit Interactive Video Maker

Playposit is a new content creation tool that makes it easy for instructors to build interactivity into their video lessons.

Playposit allows faculty to add questions, discussions, and branching links to video content and lectures and track student progress.

Because Northeastern has purchased licenses for faculty and students, all faculty are granted premium accounts when they log in through Blackboard. When the Playposit lesson (called “Bulb” by Playposit) is created through Blackboard and linked correctly, a Grade Center column will automatically be created. Faculty can grade in Playposit and have the grade sent directly to the Blackboard Grade Center. In addition, if you use the Blackboard integration feature, you don’t have to go through the process of sharing bulbs individually with students. Adding the link through the Blackboard integration feature will grant students in your course access to the Playposit video automatically.

To access Playposit, students will need to login to Northeastern Blackboard and navigate to their course. If an instructor has assigned a Playposit lesson, click on the lesson link in the course to complete the lesson.

For more information visit the ATS Playposit site.

BlackBoard Collaborate Ultra

A new, java-free version of Blackboard Collaborate is now available. The new version, called Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, is in all Northeastern Blackboard courses. It runs directly from your web browser – no installation required!

Beginning in Fall 2017, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra will be the primary web conferencing system. In addition to online courses or collaboration sessions, Ultra can be used for office hour consultations.

Collaborate Classic will continue to be available until Spring 2018.

New features include:

  • Browser-based conferencing
  • High-quality mobile supported video
  • Simple and fast file sharing
  • Recordings
  • Breakout group
  • Polling
  • Attendance reporting

To learn more, visit the Academic Technology Services’ Blackboard Collaborate Ultra page.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is now available to all faculty who are interested in using a student response system in their classrooms. ATS ran a pilot with 12 courses with close to 750 students in Fall 2016. One hundred percent of the faculty who responded to the exit survey reported being happy with this teaching tool, and 97% of the students who responded said they would recommend Poll Everywhere to faculty interested in adopting a student response system.

Faculty who are using the student response system primarily for attendance purposes should be aware that Northeastern also has a license for the Qwickly Attendance module.

Information on Poll Everywhere or for Qwickly Attendance module may be found on the ATS website. For questions, suggestions or to schedule an appointment, please email

Have Questions or Need Help?

Contact the ITS Service Desk at or 617.373.4357 (xHELP).