More Remote Printing Locations Available Across Campus

Send, Swipe & Print All Over Campus

This summer ITS expanded the number of remote print stations to 24 sites on the Boston campus. You can send a print job to one of these locations from your personal computer then just swipe your Husky Card at that station and pick up your printouts instantly.

New Printer Locations

Based on student requests and usage data, new printers are now available in the following buildings:

  • Behrakis
  • Forsyth
  • Hurtig
  • ISEC

For a complete list of printer locations and links to directions for setting up your computer to print, visit the ITS website.

New color 8.5×11 and Tabloid printers are now available on both the first and second floors of Snell Library. And to improve the working environment for those wishing to do plotter prints, those printers will be in 138 B in Snell Library, near Argo Tea.

Have Questions or Want More Info?

For more information on plotter prints, visit the Plotter Printer page on the ITS website.

If you have questions about printing stations or any other ITS services, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or email

Congrats Graduates! Your Access as Alumni

If you have completed graduation requirements within the last calendar year, you are considered a “recent alum.” As a recent alum, you will maintain access to certain university accounts and systems for one year.
NOTE: The completion of graduation requirements (i.e., when did you successfully complete all of your classes) is determined by the Registrar’s Office. This is not the same thing as attending Commencement.


Alumni retain their HuskyMail email and G-apps services. If you do not want to keep your email address and Google Drive account, you may request to remove these services by calling the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357. Students who withdraw from the university have access to HuskyMail and G-apps until the one-year anniversary of your withdrawal date.

myNEU Username and Password

You will be able to use your myNEU username and password to access the myNEU portal for one calendar year following the completion of graduation requirements. Within that one year time frame you will also retain access to select systems, such as NUwave and ITS-Managed computer labs.

One calendar year following the completion of graduation requirements, your myNEU account will be transitioned to full Alumni status. At this time, you will lose access to all remaining student systems that use your myNEU username and password for authentication.

*NOTE: You will receive an email notice from ITS 14 days before your account is transitioned to alumni status.

myNEU Portal (and Links)

Your myNEU username and password will continue to provide access to key university services tailored to your new role as a recent alum. While you will see the same links within the myNEU portal, only the relevant aspects of the portal and linked systems related to your new role as an alum will work. is only available to active students. Once you have met the graduation requirements, you will no longer have access to However, if you choose to sign up for a personal subscription, you can maintain your course history by informing Lynda’s customer service that you wish to transfer your previous material to your new account.

Microsoft Office 365

Your Office 365 username and associated account expires one calendar year after the completion of your graduation requirements. At this time, you will no longer have access to files stored in OneDrive for Business and any Office 365 software you have downloaded will go into “read-only” mode.

When you leave Northeastern, Microsoft will reach out to you with options for purchasing your own Office 365 license. If you choose to purchase this license, you will maintain full access to the copy of Office you downloaded while you were a student, along with any online applications. Or you may purchase a standalone version of Office.

**NOTE: Prior to your one year post-graduation anniversary, ITS recommends you save any files you may continue to need to an alternative storage system.

Northeastern Printing Plan

The annual printing credit on your HuskyCard refreshes just prior to the start of the Fall term, so any remaining balance will disappear at that time. To use your printing credit after completing your graduation requirements, you must get your free Alumni HuskyCard, available at HuskyCard Services in 4 Speare Place. If you met the graduation requirements at the end of April (Finals), your printing credit will disappear in late August/early September. If you met the graduation requirements at the end of December, your printing credit will disappear late in the following August/September.


Offered by the Office of Alumni Relations, HuskyNation is Northeastern University’s online community for alumni. This includes full access to the alumni directory, class notes, alumni classifieds and your email forwarding account.

Alumni access the HuskyNation service using their myNEU username and password. Additional information on alumni benefits and perks can be found on the Northeastern Alumni website.

Have Questions or Need Help?

If you have any questions or need help, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or via email at

New email to print feature and plotter printers

Northeastern Printing Plan – new email to print feature

In our continued efforts to improve printing on campus, we are excited to announce a new email to print feature, as part of the Northeastern Printing Plan. Now, in addition to using any computer that has the virtual printing software installed to send files to print, students, faculty and staff can now email print jobs to the Black and White 8.5×11 queue. Using your Northeastern email address ( or, compose an email message to and attach one or more files (maximum of 10 attachments per email, 100 attachments per day) and hit send. Emails cannot exceed 25 MB, as that is the maximum size allowed by both HuskyMail (Gmail) and Faculty/Staff email (Office 365). NOTE: Special CCIS or COE emails will not work with this feature.

Each attached file will be added as a print job to the Black and White 8.5×11 queue under your account. Then you can proceed any of the Black and White 8.5×11 queue location (see the Northeastern Printing Plan service page for a full list of locations). The process to release a job to print is identical to any other print job that is part of the Northeastern Printing Plan. The file name will be displayed in your print job queue after you have swiped your Husky Card.

As these files are sent directly to the Black and White 8.5×11 queue, the print layout is limited to the queue’s default settings, which is double-sided. If you need to change the print layout in any way using the print dialogue box, we highly recommend that you print the file from a computer that has the virtual printing software installed.

The email to print feature supports the following document file types:

  • Word – .doc, .dot, .docx, .rtf
  • Excel – .xls, .xlt, .xlsx, .xltx, .xltm, .xlsm, .csv
  • PowerPoint- .ppt, .pptx, .pptm, .pot, .pps, .potx, .ppsx
  • Visio – .vsd, .vss, .vst, .vdx, .vsx, .vtx, .vdw
  • Open Office- .odt, .ods, .odp
  • Image – .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tif
  • Email – .txtj, .mht, .emlj, .ini, .cfg

Details about the new feature, including FAQs and How To’s, can be found on the Northeastern Printing Plan service page.

New service – Large-format plotter printing

This past spring, Architecture student feedback on available printing resources led to a joint effort between ITS and the School of Architecture to provide access to two large-format plotter printers to all students, faculty and staff in the Northeastern community. During this summer’s proof of concept stage, Architecture faculty and students were beta-testers, providing useful feedback which led to service improvements. The plotter printing service is now available, and it has a dedicated space in 138B Snell Library, just beyond the cluster of black and white and color printers in the DMC.

The two production-quality HP T7200 plotters are stocked with 36″ wide rolls of plain bond paper, and are able to print both ARCH E (36”x48”) and ARCH D (24”x36”). The cost of a plot varies based on color, quality and size (area), and only Husky Dollars are accepted; plotter printers are NOT part of the Northeastern Printing Plan. A full list of costs is available on the Plotter Printing service page. For example – a high quality, full color 36”x48” plot costs $8.98.

Students, faculty and staff who want to use the plotter printer must have their file(s) in a PDF format. Files are sent from the Quick Print station located in 138B Snell Library. During regular semester hours (currently Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m.), the room is monitored by an ITS Service Desk staff member, who will be able to assist you with printing. Once a file has been sent, it can be printed using the swipe-to-print station mounted on each large-format printer. Print time varies based on the file size, resolution, print size and selected queue; large, high-resolution, full-color plots will take longer than smaller, low-resolution black and white plots.

Details about the service, including hours, costs, FAQs and How To’s, can be found on the Plotter Printing service page.

In Case You Missed It…

For all of you who were on co-op, abroad, or just paying more attention to the “free Office” part of September’s newsletter, here’s some of the also-important stuff you might have missed.

Microsoft Office for Free

If you don’t already have the latest version of Office, sign in to the myNEU portal, find the Microsoft Student Advantage section under Self Service, and get a free copy for Mac or Windows through Northeastern’s partnership. Because Student Advantage is part of Office 365, you’ll also have access to the expanding number of Microsoft mobile apps and whatever version of Office comes out next.

The one hitch: To download, install and use any of this, you have to sign in with the special Office 365 username that Northeastern has set up for you. So check out the details here.

Printers Near You

Your assignment is due. Your professor wants a hard copy. You don’t have to go to the library, or to wish that you had class in a building with a printer you could grab just in time – now there are swipe-to-print locations in several residence halls and other new locations around campus.

Learn more about the Northeastern Printing Plan and the printer locations here.

Go Wireless at Home

Last year, in partnership with Housing and Residential Life, ITS expanded NUwave wireless network access within 17 university-owned residence halls. The goal this year is to have full access in all residence halls for the start of the 2015-2016 academic year. Learn more about that here.

For those of you in a hall that does not yet have NUwave, if you want to keep on top of when you’re getting it, bookmark this link – that chart is updated weekly.

More swipe-to-print locations on the Boston campus

Over past few months, ITS has continued the printer expansion work started during Summer 2013. Ten new print locations have been added in residential buildings on campus, along with the Marino Center, Hayden and Ryder Hall, bringing the total number of swipe-to-print locations to 19. The new additions are letter size (8.5×11) black-and-white printers which you can use when printing to the BW_Letter_8.5×11 queue.

Swipe-to-print in Marino
New swipe-to-print location in the Marino Center.

Take advantage of the new locations distributed around campus for shorter lines. Be sure you have the Virtual Print Client installed on your computer (the software is available on myNEU) so you can print remotely, and use the $120 print credit that is part of the Northeastern Printing Plan. All accounts were refreshed on August 25, 2014 with $120 printing credit. Details about this service can be found here.

New locations:

    • Davenport B lobby
    • Hayden Hall outside of the Registrars Office
    • Kerr Hall lobby
    • Marino Center by the gym turnstiles
    • Ryder Hall atrium
    • Stetson West lobby
    • Smith Hall lobby
    • West Village E lobby
    • White Hall lobby
    • Willis Hall lobby

More information on the Northeastern Printing Plan, including locations of all the ITS-networked printers and how to install the required Virtual Print Client, can be found here.


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