Windows 10 Update


Good news! Windows 10 is now ready for use on Northeastern-managed or Northeastern-owned but un-managed faculty and staff computers. It is also available for students to download and install on their own computers.

This new version of Windows runs faster and is more secure than previous versions. It’s flexible, adaptable and customizable. The simple interface easily crosses from computer to tablet to phone to touchscreen. It brings back the beloved Start button and Start menu from Windows 7.

Windows 10 Enterprise will be the preferred operating system for installation on any new Dell standard computer purchased from my MarketPlace or the Dell Premier Store. It also will be available for faculty and staff. If you would like to have it installed on an existing Northeastern-owned computer, submit a ServiceNow request to have your computer re-imaged or to request a copy for local installation on a non-managed computer.

Windows 10 for Education is also available for installation on your personal machines. Log in to myNEU and select Microsoft Applications under the Free and Discounted Software link. You will be charged a nominal fee for home use, while students can download the software at no additional charge.

Windows 10 is a whole new service model for Microsoft – instead of big releases, there will be regular improvements, updates and fixes that ITS will be able to roll out to you more quickly than before. Enterprises like Northeastern, will receive those same updates and be able to install them in a more controlled fashion within the university community. This will help ensure that you have the most recent safe and secure versions to work efficiently, effectively and compute safely without you having to do anything.

Other features to check out include:

  • Action Center: Consolidated and quick access to settings, devices and alerts
  • Virtual Desktops: Task view shows multiple windows/applications running at the same time
  • Edge: A fast browser with webpage annotation and reading mode (ad-free surfing)
  • Cortana: A voice-controlled digital voice assistant that operates much like Siri (optional)

ITS has tested Windows 10 successfully with all of Northeastern’s standard, generally-released software. If you use department-specific or any special applications, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (x HELP) or

ITS will continue to support Windows 7 as a standard operating configuration through 2017-2018 if you do not want to upgrade your operating system now.

Training for Windows 10 is available on and from Microsoft at

NOTE: Upgrading without taking proper steps will wipe all data and settings from your computer. You should back up any necessary files and data before requesting to be reimaged. For information on selecting a back-up storage medium and the process of reimaging your computer, visit the ITS Knowledge base.

Software Updates – Fall 2016

New, latest and upgraded versions of software are now available to the Northeastern community in ITS-managed labs, on Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed computers and for local installation.

If you are a faculty or staff member on a managed computer and are not seeing the latest software in Start or Software Center on Windows, or in Applications of Self Service on Mac, you may want to consider having your computer reimaged. For information on reimaging your computer, search the Service-Now Knowledge Base for reimage at or by contacting the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or

For information on the various ways to access software, visit Software Access for Individual Use on the ITS website. For a complete list of software titles and how each is distributed, visit Available Software on the ITS website.

New Software

CaseWare IDEA (version 9.2) available on RemoteApp.

Adobe Designer LiveCycle (ES3/ES4) available from the Service Desk for installation on university-owned Windows machines only.

Microsoft Project Online available as one of the Office 365 Online applications.


Operating Systems

Standard Mac image – ITS now has El Capitan as the standard Mac image operating system for Northeastern-managed computers.

Software Version Updates

  • Adobe Designer LiveCycle (ES3/ES4) available from the Service Desk for installation on university-owned Windows machines only.
  • ChemDraw Professional (version 15.1) on all Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed and Mac computers.
  • Final Cut Pro X (version 10.2.3) available on Mac computers in the Digital Media Commons.
  • Fusion 360 (latest version) available on all ITS-Managed lab Windows and Mac computers and on all Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed Windows (via Software Center) and Mac computers (via Self Service). Faculty and Staff can get the software directly from vendor (Autodesk Education Community link:
  • JMP Pro (version 12.2) on Mac Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed computers and via Software Downloads from myNEU.
  • Maple 2016 (version 2016) for Windows and Mac ITS-Managed lab machines, on all Faculty/Staff Mac computers (via Self Service) and Windows computers (via Software Center). Software Downloads for faculty, staff and students, for local installation on non-Northeastern-managed and university-owned machines by submitting a ServiceNow request to the ITS Service Desk.
  • Mathematica (version 10.4) on all Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed Windows and Mac computers.
  • Matlab (version 2016a) on all Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed Windows and Mac computers.
  • Maya (version 2017) available in the Mac Northeastern-managed computers in Self-Service and in Digital Media Commons Lab and available for local installation on non-Northeastern-managed and university-owned machines by submitting a ServiceNow request to the ITS Service Desk.
  • Mudbox (version 2017) available in the Mac Northeastern-managed computers in Self-Service and in Digital Media Commons Lab and available for local installation on non-Northeastern-managed and university-owned machines by submitting a ServiceNow request to the ITS Service Desk..
  • Pharos Print client (Spring 2016) available for Windows and Mac Northeastern-managed computers and via Software Downloads
  • SAS available via via Software Downloads for a Windows computer from myNEU
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection (version 10.1.6) available on all Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed Windows and Mac computers, via Software Downloads from myNEU, and for local installation on non-Northeastern-managed and university-owned machines by submitting a ServiceNow request to the ITS Service Desk.

Additional titles will be available as they are tested and deployed.  Check the Available Software charts for Faculty/Staff Standard Configuration or Labs, Classrooms and Individual Access to find the title you wish to use.

Many of these titles are available by various means – in the Northeastern images for faculty and staff computers, and for local installation, on Software Downloads found on myNEU, or via RemoteApps.

For a full list of software applications, please go to: ITS Available Software.


Through the Looking Glass of Windows 10

A Whole New Experience Coming Your Way (Soon!)

ITS will roll out a Windows 10 image to the Northeastern Community in the Fall of 2016. Testing is underway to ensure that Northeastern networks, applications, and systems will be compatible with the new operating system. Likewise, many technology vendors are still in the process of updating their products to ensure compatibility. We will provide further information as soon as compatibility requirements are met. In the meantime, ITS does not recommend upgrading to Windows 10.

Windows 10 will brings major changes to the operating system and user experience. It is being hailed as ‘the last version of Windows‘ with a new ‘Windows-as-a-Service” model, meaning it’s never quite done and constantly evolving.

Northeastern-managed computers
ITS is releasing a Windows 10 image for faculty/staff and ITS-managed lab computers (rolling out Fall 2016). A recommended touch-screen tablet compatible model is also forthcoming.

Personal and Unmanaged Northeastern-owned computers
We strongly caution against upgrading to Windows 10 before ITS has completed testing.

Learn More
To learn more about the Windows 10 release at Northeastern University, including information on the many new features, as well as instructions on how to upgrade, please go to Windows 10 – What You Need to Know.


Windows 7 Start button

Software changes coming to a Start menu near you

To enhance the software offerings provided to Northeastern-managed Windows computers on campus, ITS will be upgrading to a new virtual software deployment method called App-V 5.0. Computers using the standard Northeastern image, such as managed faculty and staff computers, ITS labs and select non-ITS computer labs, are impacted by this upgrade. Beginning this summer, first computers labs will be updated, followed later by faculty and staff machines.

What Is App-V 5.0 and Why Is It Important?

App-V (application virtualization) is a behind-the-scenes process used to deploy over 75% of the software on Northeastern-managed Windows computers. ITS will be updating the software used in this process to the latest version – going from App-V 4.6 to App-V 5.0 – as it offers more features and better software management. When ITS switches over to App-V 5.0, there will be no functional change to the end user. Software will still be accessible through the Start menu on a Northeastern-managed Windows computer. However, once the switch is made to App-V 5.0, there will be a difference in what software is available. After the upgrade, only Windows computers on a Northeastern-managed 64-bit image will have full access to the ITS Windows software available to the Northeastern community.

Retiring Older and Infrequently Used Software Applications

As part of this project, ITS evaluated the applications made available through this software deployment method. Both older versions and infrequently used applications will be retired once computers switch to App-V 5.0. The majority of retired software titles have a more recent version available. For example – AutoCAD 2009 through AutoCAD 2012 will be retired, while the more recent versions (AutoCAD 2013, AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD 2015) will be available. A full list of impacted software applications will be posted on the App-V 5.0 project page.


App-V 5.0 will be deployed in a phased manner, similar to the Office 365 project. Northeastern-managed Windows machines in computer labs will be switched first and in groups over a period of time. As this upgrade approaches, look for updates from ITS on the App-V 5.0 project page.

Questions or concerns? Please contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or

Need software? Don’t just Add/Remove…

Now more than ever, faculty and staff on Northeastern-managed Windows computers have a number of options for getting – and getting rid of – software available from ITS.

Want to use Photoshop, ArcGIS, SAS, or more? It’s easy to look at Start > All Programs on a managed Windows computer and think that pretty much everything is available to you, because there are hundreds of applications in all those folders. Beyond the most basic software, though (like Office and your browsers), most applications are virtual, which means they are only fully on your computer if you’re on a Northeastern network; off campus, some features and functionality will not be there.

If you need software that you can actually install on your computer, ITS has provided Microsoft Software Center. It’s on every managed laptop and desktop, giving you access to some of the applications that not everyone needs. No ServiceNow requests to submit. No Service Desk calls to make. No local admin rights necessary. You simply choose the software you want.

To get to it, go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft System Center 2012, and the Software Center is right there. When you select it, give the screen that comes up time to populate. It’s going out and fetching the most current list of available software that ITS has tested for use in the Northeastern environment.

Software Center Fall 2014 – click to enlarge

software center - office 2013

Select what you want from the list, and the Install button will become active. Click, and the installation starts. Easy as that.

Just a note – once the installation finishes, you will see your selected application has disappeared from the Available Software tab. Don’t worry, it’s now under the Installed Software tab, since Software Center recognizes that it is now on your computer.

And if you ever find later that you no longer need software that you previously installed – say Photoshop was only necessary for one project, and now it’s a giant application taking up space on your hard drive – just go to the Installed Software tab, select the application, and click Remove. Again, super simple.

For now, what is available in Software Center is a select list, but ITS is adding more each semester. Open it up and see what’s there every once in a while, look for the “New Software” announcements in the ITS newsletter, or check this chart for a complete view of what is available on a managed computer.

New Software Available – Fall 2014

New and the latest versions of software are now available to the Northeastern community in ITS managed labs, on Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed machines and for local install. Software availability is based on the Fall 2014 image. If you are using an older image, and therefore are not seeing the latest software, you may want to consider having your machine reimaged, which you can do by contacting the ITS Service Desk.

Microsoft Office 2013

The Northeastern community now has access to the latest version of Microsoft’s Office suite. In-depth tutorials on the changes from Office 2010 can be viewed by going to and searching for “Migrating from Office 2010 to Office 2013.”

  • Windows – All ITS-managed lab machines and Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed computers with the Fall image. Faculty/Staff – It is also available through Software Center for download. NOTE: Installing Office 2013 will overwrite any copy of Office 2010. If for some reason you need Office 2010, it will be available through Software Center. Office 2010 will NOT overwrite Office 2013.
  • Mac – Not available. The latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac is 2011.

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

The latest version of the PDF reader, editor and creator is out.

  • Windows – All ITS-managed lab machines and Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed computers via All Programs > Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed machines – also available through Software Center.
  • Mac – (OS 10.9 only) All ITS-managed lab machines and Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed machines running OS 10.9 (Mavericks). Faculty/Staff – use Self Service.

Adobe Creative Cloud 2014

64-bit systems only
New this fall, Northeastern has moved to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service for access to design and production applications, including Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and InDesign.

  • Windows – All ITS-managed lab machines and Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed computers. Faculty/Staff – Use Software Center to download. There are several different software packages available, based on your needs. Details can be found here. If you do not see it in Software Center, see How to: Determine if your operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit. Unmanaged Northeastern machines can contact the ITS Service Desk for local install.
  • Mac – (OS 10.9 only) All ITS-managed lab machines and Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed machines running OS 10.9 (Mavericks). Faculty/Staff – use Self Service. Unmanaged Northeastern machines running OS 10.9 can contact the ITS Service Desk for local install.
  • Imaged non-ITS labs can contact the Service Desk to upgrade to Creative Cloud.


The high-level language and interactive environment that lets you focus on your course work and applications, rather than on programming details is now FREE for students

  • Student personal computers: Free, direct from vendor. For instructions, go to the Knowledge Base for the solution (you may need to sign in with your myNEU username and password). That link will work ONLY for students. To download and install additional toolboxes, see the directions in this solution.

ChemBioDraw 14

The new version of this chemistry structure and biology pathway drawing application.

  • Windows – Not available.
  • Mac – All ITS-managed lab machines and Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed computers. Faculty/Staff use Self-Service to download.

Maya 2015

Autodesk’s 3D animation software now has many new toolsets for simulation, effects, animation, modeling, shading, and rendering.

AutoCAD 2015

64-bit systems only
The powerful design software now includes a refreshed modern interface and timesaving productivity tools such as the New Tab page, Ribbon galleries, and Command preview. Please note that AutoCAD 2011 has been retired.

Revit 2015

64-bit systems only
This building information-modeling software for architects now has new and enhanced collaboration, design, documentation and visualization tools. 

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015

64-bit systems only
The latest version of this software for civil engineering design, analysis and simulation has significant enhancements across the toolsets, particularly in the interface, and the interoperability and data exchange features.

SOLIDWORKS 2014- 2015

64-bit systems only 
The 3D design software includes new toolsets for design, workflow, performance, visualization and product development.

Minitab 17

The latest release of this software has new and improved statistical features, and an enhanced Assistant that provides greater help performing and interpreting analyses. Please note that Minitab 15 has been retired.

  • Windows – All ITS-managed lab machines and Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed computers via All Programs > Statistical and Computational > Minitab, and through RemoteApp.
  • Mac – Available through RemoteApp.

ArcGIS Desktop 10.2.2

This geographic information systems (GIS) software is for designing and managing solutions through the application of geographic knowledge.

  • Windows – All ITS-managed lab machines via All Programs > Design and CAD > ArcGIS. Faculty/Staff Northeastern-managed computers via Software Center.
  • Mac – Not available.