Even More Updates Coming to the MyNortheastern Portal in 2018

The new myNortheastern was introduced on November 27, providing students, faculty, staff and all other members of the Northeastern community with a smart, intuitive and fully responsive platform.

While we are proud of the new portal experience, we know it isn’t quite perfect. There are still a number of upgrades and changes to make as we continue to enhance this user-friendly platform — some are already underway!

What’s New in the New Year?

During the winter break, Northeastern ITS set out to fix any leftover hiccups with the new portal. We performed a number of upgrades on myNortheastern, simplifying your experience and better integrating with different services around campus.

One major priority has been to better integrate with Blackboard to ensure full functionality, accurate display information and improve usability. This work should be completed soon so you can get most of your Blackboard information in one, central, easy-to-access place.

Once the work is completed, your Blackboard schedule widget will accurately reflect your weekly class schedule, highlighting your day and week at an instant. The Blackboard announcements widget will also centralize all of your notifications or announcements right on your homepage.

Your student Huskymail account can now also be easily accessed from your myNortheastern homepage. The Gmail authentication issue has been resolved, so you can easily authenticate your account and access your inbox right from your home screen.

What’s Next?

We are working hard to roll out the next wave of enhancements in the weeks and months ahead.

While this change from the old myNEU to myNortheastern was a major upgrade to the university portal design, there are still plenty more functional upgrades to come. MyNortheastern was built to be a smart, agile portal experience with continuous updates and changes intended to constantly improve your digital experience.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP), email Help@northeastern.edu or chat with one of our service desk analysts.


Get a Sneak Peek at the All-New myNortheastern Portal

All-New myNortheastern Portal to Debut in Fall 2017!


Northeastern University is committed to improving the university portal experience for all members of our community. There were months of planning, development and testing, as well as significant student involvement in this process. We are proud of the new portal and plan to release it to the Northeastern community later this fall under its new name, “myNortheastern.”

Earlier this year, we selected Liferay, the world’s leading open source portal product, to be the platform for the next generation of our portal. We worked with design partners to define the ideal portal in line with business and student expectations, shaping it into an individually customizable, global, dynamic environment that empowers and enhances the Northeastern experience. Our new portal will have a more intuitive and modernized look and feel while retaining existing functionality.

The first phase of the project is to migrate the myNortheastern portal into Liferay and provide the Northeastern community with an improved portal experience. We are excited to announce that the first phase will be completed in a few months, and that the new portal will debut in late Fall.

The New Look

Take a sneak peek at the new portal in the image below:

Next Steps

This portal update will only be the first in a long line of upgrades coming to myNortheastern. This is a multi-year project with the intent of not just providing a one-time experience update but to continue to develop, improve and transform myNortheastern into a smart, agile and intuitive portal with aims to constantly exceed your hopes and expectations.

We will continue to use your feedback as a guide and make constant improvements in line with your desired portal experience. This process will not happen overnight, but the thoughtful improvements and design will be well worth the wait.

We will continue to provide updates with new information and developments as they become available. We hope you are as excited as we are for our all-new myNortheastern!

Have Questions or Need Help?

If you have any questions or need help, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or via email at Help@northeastern.edu.

Expect a New myNEU Portal in 2017!


All New myNEU Portal to Debut in 2017!

Northeastern University is in the process of transforming the myNEU portal experience to better serve all members of the Northeastern community. The transformation process is well underway, and Northeastern ITS is pleased to announce that a new myNEU portal will be unveiled in 2017. Working with our NU partners, we will continue to enhance the student, faculty and staff experience beyond the initial release of the new portal.

A variety of interviews, meetings and surveys were conducted to better understand what features and enhancements in services are important to our students, faculty and staff. After capturing and processing all the requested information, we are now incorporating these recommendations for a more personalized, customizable, integrated and dynamic user experience that will provide a richer and more flexible up-to-date portal experience.

What to Expect

We are excited to provide an innovative portal environment with tools that support global engagement, collaboration and socialization. The new myNEU will enable a more individualized and relevant experience tailored to improve your ability to connect, engage and access your personalized information.

Next Steps

Northeastern’s functional and technical teams are working with our vendors to create a friendly, intuitive and truly unique experience for all of our users. We plan to have a functional prototype available by the summer of 2017.

We will continue to provide updates with new information and developments as they become available. We hope you are as excited as we are for our all new myNEU!


Have Questions or Need Help?

If you have any questions or need help, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or via email at help@northeastern.edu.

Congrats Graduates! Your Access as Alumni

If you have completed graduation requirements within the last calendar year, you are considered a “recent alum.” As a recent alum, you will maintain access to certain university accounts and systems for one year.
NOTE: The completion of graduation requirements (i.e., when did you successfully complete all of your classes) is determined by the Registrar’s Office. This is not the same thing as attending Commencement.


Alumni retain their HuskyMail email and G-apps services. If you do not want to keep your email address and Google Drive account, you may request to remove these services by calling the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357. Students who withdraw from the university have access to HuskyMail and G-apps until the one-year anniversary of your withdrawal date.

myNEU Username and Password

You will be able to use your myNEU username and password to access the myNEU portal for one calendar year following the completion of graduation requirements. Within that one year time frame you will also retain access to select systems, such as NUwave and ITS-Managed computer labs.

One calendar year following the completion of graduation requirements, your myNEU account will be transitioned to full Alumni status. At this time, you will lose access to all remaining student systems that use your myNEU username and password for authentication.

*NOTE: You will receive an email notice from ITS 14 days before your account is transitioned to alumni status.

myNEU Portal (and Links)

Your myNEU username and password will continue to provide access to key university services tailored to your new role as a recent alum. While you will see the same links within the myNEU portal, only the relevant aspects of the portal and linked systems related to your new role as an alum will work.


Lynda.com is only available to active students. Once you have met the graduation requirements, you will no longer have access to Lynda.com. However, if you choose to sign up for a personal subscription, you can maintain your course history by informing Lynda’s customer service that you wish to transfer your previous material to your new account.

Microsoft Office 365

Your Office 365 username and associated account expires one calendar year after the completion of your graduation requirements. At this time, you will no longer have access to files stored in OneDrive for Business and any Office 365 software you have downloaded will go into “read-only” mode.

When you leave Northeastern, Microsoft will reach out to you with options for purchasing your own Office 365 license. If you choose to purchase this license, you will maintain full access to the copy of Office you downloaded while you were a student, along with any online applications. Or you may purchase a standalone version of Office.

**NOTE: Prior to your one year post-graduation anniversary, ITS recommends you save any files you may continue to need to an alternative storage system.

Northeastern Printing Plan

The annual printing credit on your HuskyCard refreshes just prior to the start of the Fall term, so any remaining balance will disappear at that time. To use your printing credit after completing your graduation requirements, you must get your free Alumni HuskyCard, available at HuskyCard Services in 4 Speare Place. If you met the graduation requirements at the end of April (Finals), your printing credit will disappear in late August/early September. If you met the graduation requirements at the end of December, your printing credit will disappear late in the following August/September.


Offered by the Office of Alumni Relations, HuskyNation is Northeastern University’s online community for alumni. This includes full access to the alumni directory, class notes, alumni classifieds and your email forwarding account.

Alumni access the HuskyNation service using their myNEU username and password. Additional information on alumni benefits and perks can be found on the Northeastern Alumni website.

Have Questions or Need Help?

If you have any questions or need help, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or via email at help@northeastern.edu.

Coming Soon! Mandatory myNEU Password Change

fullsizeoutput_7cNortheastern University takes your cybersecurity seriously and we know you do too!

There is no doubt about it – sufficient password complexity requirements remain one of the most effective ways we can ensure safe computing. To better protect your myNEU account, starting this spring, ITS will be making a mandatory request for you to change your myNEU password in order to comply with our new password complexity requirements. We want you to be ready for the password change, so you can keep your information secure and protected without missing a beat or deadline.

Email communications will be sent in the coming months with information on the new complexity requirements, instructions for changing your password, and important deadlines for making the change.

In the meantime, if you have questions about your password or this change, please contact us at 617.373.4357 or help@northeastern.edu.

If you wish to learn more about Safe Computing at Northeastern University check out ITS website http://www.northeastern.edu/securenu/  Also Follow us on Twitter @securenu for updates!

University Events – Ticketing Gets a Second Act

Let The Good Times Roll with NU Events!

A new ticket vendor is providing Northeastern with a more robust online ticketing service available for both Athletics and Student Affairs events. The new service will bring improved ticketing features and reliability for our upcoming events.

New Online Ticketing Vendor = Easy Access + Quick Tickets 
The cool thing with this is that you don’t have to be a current member of the NU community to buy tickets to events. Individuals currently affiliated with Northeastern may continue to purchase tickets through the myTickets link in myNEU.

People who do not have a myNEU account can now create an account and buy tickets to Northeastern-hosted events at the following sites:

Performing Arts & Student Event Tickets:  http://mytickets.northeastern.edu

Northeastern Athletic Events:  http://tickets.gonu.com


tix crowd44


MyNEU – Transformation Underway

Upgrading with YOU in Mind!

Northeastern University is in the process of transforming the myNEU portal. Focus groups were held to get a feel for what people want from their online experience. The result? A social, personalized, customizable, integrated, and dynamic interface that will provide an enhanced and up-to-date experience. No small order!

What to Expect
We look forward to providing a more modern site with tools that support global engagement, collaboration and socialization. The platform will present a more individualized, relevant experience tailored to improve everyone’s ability to connect, engage and access personalized information.

Next Steps
Northeastern is in the process of selecting a vendor that can meet our expectations to revolutionize your MyNEU experience. Updates to follow!



myNEU Customer Experience Project

Northeastern University is embarking on a strategic cross-functional initiative to replace the current myNEU portal with an experience that provides an enhanced, more social, and up-to-date experience. This project is an opportunity for Northeastern to holistically approach the online experience for all community members, as it is the first, and longest lasting, ‘touchpoint’ during one’s time at the university. Additionally, replacing the myNEU portal is a chance for Northeastern to provide a platform that is flexible, agile, and more tailored to those that use it.


Replace the existing myNEU experience to provide a social, personalized, customizable, integrated, and cohesive action oriented experience for the user that guides them through their entire lifecycle at Northeastern.


  • An evolution from myNEU, which is a legacy platform, to a modern experience that provides a personalized customer journey.
  • An integrated and cohesive experience for the user that guides them through their entire lifecycle at Northeastern (Admitted students, Students, Staff, Faculty, Parents, Alumni, etc.).
  • An experience that can be delivered to “any device, any time, any where”.
  • A social experience that enables interaction between community members.


The myNEU portal was launched in 2002 as a centralized location to provide one stop shopping for collaboration and transactions. Over time, it has become a secure and efficient center for transactional processing, and there is a need to evolve it to a center for collaboration and engagement with defined content strategy for the user experience.

The myNEU portal was initially created using technology built pre-Facebook, pre-social media revolution, pre-smartphone, pre-tablet and pre-online streaming video sites. There is an opportunity to have a new online destination that leverages the latest technology to provide a satisfactory experience to customers.

At the same time, customer expectations have changed; today, customers expect a mobile/responsive, dynamic user experience that is more visually engaging, and that is customizable and personalized. The existing portal will be enhanced to be more user-friendly, providing the customer direct, easy, and searchable access to the information they deem important.

Northeastern University today operates on a global scale with multiple graduate campuses in the United States and Canada, international coops, study abroad programs and global research opportunities. All of these areas encompass one Northeastern, and a new portal will support the experience and connections across the world.


Students, faculty, staff, and all other stakeholders are encouraged to submit feedback to myNEUfeedback@neu.edu. Feedback will be compiled on a regular basis and presented to the various members of the project team involved with the development of a new customer experience platform.

Completed Milestones

March 2016 – Functional Team Kickoff
April 2016 – Discovery Phase
May 2016 – RFI sent to potential vendors


More updates coming soon.

How To Know If There is A Technology Outage

ITS has several ways of informing the Northeastern community of an outage, planned or otherwise. Here’s what you can do to stay in the know:

  • Follow the ITS Twitter account @NortheasternITS for the latest information concerning an outage.
    • NOTE: Do not tweet to notify ITS about issues. Please call ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP), as it is staffed 24/7, and Twitter is not.
  • Visit the ITS System Status page, where you will find not only information from the status of different systems, but also posts and updates during outages.
  • Check out the ITS website – there is a widget in the top right of the home page.
  • Go to myNEU where major planned outages will be posted on the login page
  • Watch your email inbox for a message from ITS.

As always please report issues to the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or help@northeastern.edu. ITS cannot fix a problem that we are not aware of, so if you see something, say something. We are all focused on keeping everything running smoothly for the university and your assistance is critical.