Getting wireless access for your conferences attendees

No one goes to a conference, these days, and expects to have to hunt down a wireless signal. If you are running a conference or event at Northeastern, you know that’s simply part of what you must provide, just like name badges.

There are two ways to get guest wireless access at Northeastern: eduroam and NUwave-guest.


Since Fall 2015, Northeastern has participated in eduroam (educational roaming), a secure, worldwide reciprocal roaming wireless access service developed for, and used by, the international research and education community. This network is available at all Northeastern campus locations in academic and administrative buildings to all individuals from participating eduroam institutions. With over 5,000 participating locations worldwide, it is likely that many higher education colleagues coming to our Boston campus will have instant wireless access while they are here. A full list of participating US Institutions is available on the eduroam website. An international map is also available (this may take a while to load).

No action is required by conference organizers – access is determined by a visitor’s home institution, and not by ITS. We do strongly encourage conference organizers with a high presence of higher education attendees to advertise that Northeastern is a participating eduroam campus.


The NUwave-guest network provides wireless access for people not associated with Northeastern while at the university, but it requires authentication. So what do you have to do to get access for your attendees?

  • One-day conference/event – Follow these directions to request a conference code, which you must then provide to all of your attendees for access on that day.
    • The instructions that you can pass on for how they should use that code are available here.
  • Multi-day conference/event – Follow these directions to request individual usernames and passwords, which you must then provide to each of your attendees for access that lasts the duration of the conference.
    • The instructions that you can pass on for how they should use that login information are available here.

As of April 2015, the default guest wireless access time limit has been extended from eight hours to 12 hours before re-registration is required.

NOTE: These requests must be submitted at least one week to two weeks in advance. ITS requires lead time in order to process your request.

If you have questions about requesting this access, or you or your attendees need assistance during your event, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or via email at

NUwave-guest registration portal now available for most of Northeastern

In May, ITS enabled registration requirements and a time limit for NUwave-guest access on the Boston campus. After work this summer, almost all of Northeastern University – including the graduate campuses in Seattle and Charlotte, and all Boston-area campuses and facilities – is using the new guest wireless system. All work will be completed in next month.

Individuals wishing to use the guest wireless network will need to register through a new guest wireless portal page, similar to those used by coffee shops and airports. These changes provide a greater level of security for our campus networks by limiting Internet access to identified guests visiting Northeastern for a certain period of time.

As a reminder, NUwave-guest access is intended for limited guest wireless access only. Northeastern students, faculty, staff and sponsored accounts must use the secure wireless NUwave network.

Registration Details
Individuals wishing to use guest wireless will need to select the wireless network NUwave-guest, and open a browser. Guests will then be automatically redirected to the guest wireless portal registration page where they will need to provide their name, cell phone number and email address. Some Northeastern locations require an access code, which is available on-site. Guests will receive a text message containing a username and password that can be entered into the guest portal login page for network access, on up to three devices.

There is an eight-hour time limit for NUwave-guest. Once the allotted time expires, guests wishing to continue to use the guest wireless network will be required to re-register in order to receive a new access code.

Learn more about networks at Northeastern.