Upgrades Coming to All Banner Services in December 2017

As part of our effort to provide an even better user experience to all faculty and staff, Northeastern ITS will be moving the University’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Program) to the latest version, Ellucian Banner 9, in December 2017.

We completed the first phase of the Banner 9 upgrade in August, implementing a new support infrastructure, adding additional software to expedite future Banner upgrades, and applying over 130 process fixes across all services.

We have already begun work on the second phase of the upgrade, which will impact all Banner services, including: Advancement, Finance, General, Human Resources, Operational Data Store and Student Services.

What’s New in Banner 9?

Banner 9 provides Northeastern the opportunity to modernize our ERP environment. This new release delivers a number of important enhancements, including a modern user interface, enhanced navigation and process management tools, and new functionality across the Student, HR and Finance functions. The upgraded service will also give you greater flexibility to run Banner on any browser and across multiple platforms, including tablets.

How Will This Impact Me?

INB & Self-Service Applications

As of now, most members of the Northeastern community are still using Banner INB (Internet Native Banner) and Self-Service applications, but that will change early in 2018.

During the fall, we will conduct the second phase of our Banner 9 upgrade, which will focus on transitioning users from INB to the new Banner Administrative Forms. This technology will eliminate the dependency on Internet Explorer as a web browser. So, you will be able to use all browsers to access your Banner accounts.

Banner 9 HTML5 Technology

With Banner 9 HTML5 technology, Banner users will experience a host of new upgrades, including:

  • Compatibility with multiple web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and MS Edge
  • A consistent look and feel across Banner 9 for HTML5 users
  • Enhanced navigation for a seamless experience
  • A responsive design with a mobile-first perspective

New in Self-Service

Some new Banner Self-Service applications will also be included in the Banner 9 upgrade. These new applications will include:

  • Student Registration – This has been updated with intuitive registration tools and a mobile-friendly design to make it easier for students, advisors, and administrators to use.
  • Employee Profile – An entry point for you to access your personal, employment, and job-related information.
  • Direct Deposit – Mobile ready with improved usability to streamline your entry of direct-deposit information.
  • Faculty Grade Entry – It provides faculty members mobile capability for entering grades. Grades can also be imported directly from spreadsheets.
  • Purchase Requisition – Enables faster procurement of products and services with an updated, intuitive user experience and dashboard that helps manage requisition processing within Banner Finance.

We will continue to keep you informed of our progress through the ITS newsletter as well as email communications and open discussions with your team. We welcome your involvement and feedback as a part of improving your user experience with all Banner systems.

Have Questions or Need Help?

If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or email Help@northeastern.edu.

Multi-Factor Authentication Coming to Northeastern Accounts

Northeastern is taking greater steps to ensure all of our faculty, staff and students are even better protected when accessing your university accounts online.

Over the next few months, the university will be rolling out a new online security feature called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This service is intended to better protect you and your personal information. This means that when you log in to certain university accounts, you will be required to confirm your identity by a separate method, typically through a text, phone call or mobile application, in order to gain access.

This additional identification step will significantly reduce the impact of compromised accounts, as access will require a unique device and/or PIN.

Northeastern, in collaboration with our service provider, Duo Security, will roll this new service out in stages. This process will begin over the summer with our highest-risk areas, including the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and server logins, and continue into the fall semester with integration into administrative suites, such as Banner INB, and other services.

MFA will eventually be offered to all university faculty, staff and students for all account types, giving each member of the university an option to increase the security of their personal information.

More information about MFA and how to use it will be made available as the feature is implemented into specific university services.

Have Questions or Need Help?

Contact the ITS Service Desk at help@northeastern.edu or 617.373.4357 (xHELP).

Learn More About MFA: