Software Access for Individual Use

There are several software access methods depending on licensing agreements, university affiliation, your role as a student, faculty or staff member, and computing platforms. Some software may be downloaded and installed; other software is available only when you are connected to the university network. While ITS manages university licensing agreements and software distribution, you may also have access to additional software provided by your college or department, and in computer labs not managed by ITS.


Northeastern-configured machines with network-distributed applications
Download and install onto your computer
Virtual (remote)
Direct from the vendor

Northeastern-configured machines

Standard Configuration – ITS has developed a standard configuration, called the Northeastern image, with versions for both Windows and Mac computers. This allows ITS to provide a standard set of software applications to Northeastern-owned computers. Applications include Microsoft Office, Symantec Endpoint Protection antivirus, Google Chrome and Firefox. These images are used on faculty/staff computers, in the ITS-managed computer labs and in classrooms.

  • On Windows – To ensure that there are not unused applications on the computer, hundreds of available applications are not installed directly. These are available for cached installation through the Application Virtualization Client when you are connected to a Northeastern network through NUnet (Ethernet), NUwave (wireless), or by VPN.
    • You must initially launch these applications while on the network.
    • These applications will be accessible on your computer after the initial launch, but they are optimized to always run on the network in order to use all features and receive updates.
    • How To: Tell whether an application must run on the network

Local-install – Northeastern-configured machines offer a program that allows you to customize the machine by installing select software locally. Windows users need to launch Microsoft Software Center under All Programs, while Mac users need to launch Self-Service.

Download and Install

Software distributed by the ITS Service Desk – For Northeastern-owned faculty/staff computers that are not configured with the standard software image, there is software licensed for local installation through the ServiceNow portal. Clicking on the Locally Installed Software request through the ServiceNow portal (sign-in may be required) will bring you to a browsable list of software available for Windows or Mac, once you have selected the appropriate operating system. Then select the software you need, add it to your cart, and submit your request – the ITS Service Desk will contact you with directions to install.

Software Downloads on myNEU – Some software titles are available for download via the Software Downloads link on the myNEU portal. Students will find Software Downloads under Study and Course Resources; faculty and staff will find Software Downloads under Faculty/Staff Services. These applications are intended for installation on computers that are not Northeastern-managed, such as your home computer.

Free and Discounted Software on myNEU – Additional software is available for free or at a discounted price from a library provided by Kivuto in Tech Marketplace on the myNEU portal. The availability of individual software titles in Kivuto may not be through a Northeastern site license or campus agreement, and is therefore subject to change at any time. To see the full list of available titles, log in by clicking on Sign In in the upper right and using your myNEU username and password.

Virtual (Remote)

RemoteApp – Northeastern students, faculty and staff can access through the RemoteApp virtual application service a number of university-licensed discipline-specific, high-powered applications that are primarily available on Windows.

Direct from Vendor

Direct from the vendor – As a result of ITS partnerships, faculty and staff have access to software directly from some vendors. To use this method, you will be required to identify yourself as a member of the Northeastern community and possibly enter a code specific for Northeastern. This way, you will have fully patched, updated software at all times.

  • Matlab, Mathematica, and Microsoft Office Home Use Program (for Windows and Mac) have partnered with Northeastern so faculty and staff can purchase their software at a discounted price. To take advantage of this discount, you must create an account directly with the vendor using your Northeastern email address as an identifier.

Updated May 2017