For wireless network access, all faculty, staff and students must use NUwave, the secure/encrypted wireless network available for authenticated users in academic and administrative locations and common areas of residence halls. By using your myNEU username and password, faculty and staff and students have access to the Internet and a wide range of applications. Faculty and staff also have access to shared network drives and network printers.


NUwave is available to everyone with a myNEU login on all Northeastern campuses. For more details, see the FAQs.

Faculty and staff who have a visiting scholar or researcher, or a lecturer, contractor, or other longer-term guest should set up a Sponsored Account for them to have on-campus Internet access.

NUwave is being expanded into residential areas on the Boston campus. The following buildings offer 100% NUwave access as of May 2015:

  • 10 Coventry
  • 144 Hemenway
  • 407 Huntington Ave
  • 768 Columbus Place
  • 780 Columbus Ave
  • Davenport A
  • Davenport B
  • East Village
  • Hastings Hall
  • International Village
  • Kennedy Hall
  • Kerr Hall
  • Light Hall
  • Loftman Hall/153 Hemenway
  • Melvin Hall
  • Rubenstein Hall
  • Smith Hall
  • Speare Hall
  • Stetson East
  • Stetson West
  • White Hall
  • West Village A
  • West Village B
  • West Village C
  • West Village F
  • West Village G
  • West Village H
  • Willis Hall

Project updates are available here.

NUwave is also available in the Speare, Stetson West, Stetson East, White and West Village Quads.

If you are living in a building that does not offer 100% NUwave coverage (as listed above), you may bring your own router and set up a wireless connection using ResNet. These buildings are scheduled to be converted over to 100% NUwave buildings by September 2015. Details are posted on the NUwave Residential Wireless Expansion Project – Phase II blog post.

Bring Your Own Router Buildings – ending August 15, 2015

  • 106, 110, 116, & 122 St. Stephen Street
  • 319 Huntington Ave
  • 337 Huntington Ave
  • Burstein Hall
  • West Village E

Get Started

To connect on a laptop or mobile device, follow the instructions for your particular operating system in the How To’s.

Northeastern will periodically update the NUwave security certificate. When this happens, a notification will appear the next time you try to connect. Follow these instructions to accept the new certificate.


If you have a question about or need assistance connecting to NUwave on any Northeastern campus, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or via email at Outside of regular Service Desk hours  both the phone number and email are monitored by the staff at the Help & Information Desk near the InfoCommons in Snell Library.


NUwave – FAQs

How To’s

NUwave – How To’s

  • How To: Connect to NUwave on Windows 7
  • How To: Connect to NUwave on Windows 8
  • How To: Connect to NUwave on Mac OS X
  • How To: Connect to NUwave on a mobile device
  • How To: Use wireless computers effectively in a classroom
  • How To: Reset a printer connection that has gone offline due to a low wireless signal

Updated July 2015