Mailing List Subscriptions (LISTSERV)

Faculty, staff and Sponsored Account holders may request the creation, use and administration of customized email discussion/e-newsletter lists that can be used to distribute email to a group of people. Known as mailing or distribution lists, these are provided using the LISTSERV software.

Administrators maintain their own lists using web-based and email based tools. The service includes built-in archiving, automatic bounce processing, content filtering, digest delivery, spam filters and personalized preferences.

  • Web-based list administration for nearly all tasks, including list configuration, moderation (post approvals), management of user accounts
  • Web-based subscribing and unsubscribing, and user configuration management. Users can temporarily disable their accounts, select digest modes, hide their email addresses from other members, etc.
  • Per-list privacy features, such as closed-subscriptions, private archives, private membership rosters, and sender-based posting rules
  • Configurable (per-list and per-user) delivery mode
  • Regular (immediate) delivery
  • MIME digest
  • Plain (RFC 1153) digests
  • Integrated bounce detection within an extensible framework. Automatic disposition of bouncing addresses (disable, unsubscribe)
  • Integrated spam filters
  • Built-in web-based archiving
  • Integrated auto-replies
  • Majordomo-style email based commands
  • Multiple list owners and moderators are possible

Get Started

To request a mailing list, submit a LISTSERV Request through the ServiceNow portal (sign-in may be required).


For information on this service contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or

Updated May 2017