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At Northeastern you have core online account types that reflect your role at Northeastern and provide the necessary level of access to networks, applications and other resources.

Other Account Holders


myNEU: For information on the myNEU portal, visit the myNEU service.

Your myNEU account is used to authenticate your access to electronic services at Northeastern. In addition to providing access to the myNEU portal, your myNEU username and password serve as the master on other Northeastern electronic systems and allow access to resources from using the wireless network NUwave to watching classes on

Upon acceptance, admitted undergraduate students can claim their myNEU account. Your access to services is automatically modified as you transition from Admitted to Enrolled Student before the start of the term. A graduate student, or student at the School of Law or College of Professional Studies claims an account when they become an active student.

Upon completion of graduation requirements, your access is transitioned to alumni services.

If you withdraw from the university, your myNEU account is removed one year after the time of withdrawal.

HuskyMail and G-apps: Upon acceptance, each admitted undergraduate student also receives a email address, called HuskyMail, and access to G-apps, a suite of Google services. A graduate student, or student at the School of Law or College of Professional Studies obtains an account when they become an active student.

Alumni retain access to HuskyMail and G-apps after graduation unless you request to remove the service. You can also sign up for an alumni email account after commencement (more information on acquiring an Alumni account).

Faculty and Staff

myNEU: For more information on myNEU, visit the myNEU service.

Your myNEU account serves as the main source for your online identity at Northeastern. In addition to providing access to the myNEU portal, your myNEU login is your master username and password used to authenticate who you are on other Northeastern online systems and to access resources from using the wireless network NUwave to watching classes on

New faculty may claim your myNEU account 90 days prior to your start date to receive limited access to services such as Blackboard; you will transition to full access on your start date. New staff may claim your myNEU account on your start date.

If you leave the university, your myNEU account access is limited to HRM Benefits and Services until April 30 of the year after you leave. Your account is removed immediately if your employment is terminated.

If you retire from the university, your access is transitioned as you work through the process with Human Resources Management.

NUnet: Faculty and staff also receive a NUnet account that is accessed with your myNEU username and password. This provides access to the Northeastern network, a wide variety of standard applications, shared network drive storage, and network printers. Your account is created when a you are hired, and ends when you leave the university.

Email: When you claim your myNEU account, you will be assigned a university ( email account. Access ends with the end of your myNEU account when you leave the university. Retirees maintain access to email unless they choose to opt-out; see the FAQs for details and the Human Resources Management site for eligibility.

Enterprise Applications: As your job requires, faculty or staff may apply for additional system and/or enterprise application access, including:

In all cases, access must be approved by the appropriate service owner. Once approved, you will be notified your account is ready to use. Depending on the service, you can apply through one of the Business Application Requests on the ServiceNow portal (sign-in may be required), or through a special application form. Please click on the systems above for specific application instructions and details.

Other Account Holders

Parents/Guardians: After a full-time undergraduate student is admitted, parents/guardians become eligible for a Parent Portal myNEU account. Obtaining a Parent/Guardian myNEU Account is a two-step process: First, as a parent, you must request an account. Second, your student must then accept the request and provide you with the necessary registration information. Access to the Parent Portal ends after your student graduates, leaves the university, or decides to end your access.

Alumni: After completing graduation requirements, alumni myNEU access transitions. Recent alumni (graduation date 2008-present) can access Northeastern’s online alumni community, Husky Nation, using their myNEU username and password. Alumni with graduation dates prior to 2008 must create a separate Husky Nation account.

Contractors, consultants, students employed by a university department, Human Resources Management, and other Northeastern affiliates: For individuals who have temporary or variable associations with the university, Temporary Non-Student accounts, for those hired by HRM and Sponsored Accounts for those hired by a department are available to provide customized access to Northeastern’s online resources (based on the hiring entity’s approval). These account holders will receive a myNEU login. Upon request, Sponsored Account holders may also be provided with NUnet network access, a university ( email account and additional access to enterprise systems. These accounts end based on the role or sponsor-determined end-date. (More information on applying for and using Sponsored Accounts.)


Claim your myNEU account by going to and clicking on “How do I get a myNEU username/password?”

Your myNEU username and password can be used to access resources based on your role, such as:

  • The myNEU portal, with links to applications such as Blackboard, HRM Self-Service, FACT and HuskyMail & G-apps
  • Northeastern’s NUnet (wired) and NUwave (secured wireless) networks, and the VPN
  • Enterprise applications (some core enterprise business applications may require a unique password, which you will be instructed to establish as necessary)
  • Shared network drives
  • Email

If you cannot remember your myNEU password:

  • Click the “Forgot your password” link under the login box on the myNEU homepage.
  • In order to reset your password, you will need to know:
    • Your current myNEU username
    • The answer to your challenge question on file

If you do not know these items, stop by the Help and Information Desk on the first floor of Snell Library, or call 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or email at for assistance.

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Updated May 2017