How To: Connect to the GlobalProtect VPN on a Mac computer

First, you must have installed the GlobalProtect VPN client on an ITS-managed computer, or an unmanaged or personal computer.

ITS recommends that you connect to the GlobalProtect VPN from your menu bar. GlobalProtect is represented by a globe icon.

  • When connected, the globe will have a shield.
  • When disconnected, the shield will be replaced with a red X.

To connect from the menu bar, click the GlobalProtect icon and select Connect.


The sign-on window will appear with the note “Authorized users only” – this is fine. Simply enter your NUnet username and password; the portal will be autofilled.  Your NUnet username is the one you enter when you log on to a network computer.  You can sync your NUnet and myNEU usernames and passwords by going to myNEU, clicking on myProfile and following the directions for changing your password.  Once you have done that your username and password will be the same for both NUnet and myNEU.


To disconnect, you can either shut down your computer, or manually rclick on the icon in the menu bar and select Disconnect.


Updated July 2016