RemoteApp – FAQ

How do I access RemoteApp?
You can access the RemoteApp web site with all of the applications via the link on myNEU or directly at If you have already downloaded the launcher for a RemoteApp application that you want to use again, you do not have to go to the site, just reopen that launcher.

Where can I use RemoteApp?
You can use RemoteApp on any Windows or Mac computer with a browser and Internet access, and the Microsoft Remote Desktop client. We recommend using a high-speed, wired Internet connection for the best experience.

What is my username and password for RemoteApp?
Use your myNEU username and password to log into RemoteApp.

The applications look like they’re on my computer, but they don’t act like they are. What is going on?
Once you download an application’s file from the RemoteApp portal, what you have saved on your computer is essentially a shortcut, not the application itself. So when you double-click to open it, you are launching a Microsoft Remote Desktop session that is connecting you to the virtual application. This means:

  • Windows – When you are opening or saving files, the Desktop you see in the default view is the desktop of the virtual server hosting the applications, not the desktop of your own computer, even though it looks basically the same.
  • Mac – Because these are virtual Windows applications, each uses the standard Windows-style Open and Save/Save-As interfaces, and must be navigated as such. They are also sessions under Microsoft Remote Desktop, so when you minimize the application you are using, it will appear on your dock as a window under that, not on its own.

There are applications that I would like to use through RemoteApp but they are not available – can they be added?
Many factors restrict what software is available on RemoteApp. For a list of applications that are available, please see Available Software – Labs, Classrooms and Individual Access. If you still have questions, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) for more information about software availability through RemoteApp,

How do I print?
You can print from any application in RemoteApp to any printer that is locally installed. We recommend that you have the Virtual Print Client installed so that you can also print to the four queues that are part of the Northeastern Printing Plan.

Where do I save my documents?

  • Windows – You can save to your local computer, a USB-connected drive, or a shared network drive.
  • Mac – You can only save your documents to your local computer. If you want to have your files on an external drive, you must move them there manually after saving them to your computer.

Can I open a document I created in a RemoteApp application on a different computer or a lab computer?
Yes, as long as you have copied that document to the other computer. If the other computer does not have the application needed for the document installed, access RemoteApp on that computer and launch the application. If it does have the application installed, like a lab computer, simply open the application.

I can sometimes see documents in RemoteApp applications that I know aren’t on the computer, why is that?
The RemoteApp applications live on a server and all editing is done there, even though the file must be saved locally. When you sign in again, the server is recalling your session. This means that applications that have a “recent documents” feature will remember other files that you worked on while in that application. You will not be able to open these files.

Updated October 2015