NUwave – FAQ

Where is NUwave available?

  • On the main Boston campus, NUwave is currently available for anyone with a myNEU login in all academic and administrative buildings, as well as the common areas of residence halls. A project is underway to expand NUwave coverage to all areas of the residence halls, which is slated to be complete by the end of 2015.
  • At other Northeastern campuses, NUwave is available for anyone with a myNEU login in academic and administrative spaces.
  • At the Boston Financial District (Broad Street) campus in downtown Boston, NUwave access requires another layer of authentication. Follow these instructions to connect.

There is also a NUwave-guest wireless network. What’s the difference?
The NUwave network provides secure access to all Northeastern applications, resources and services based on your role at the university. NUwave-guest provides limited access to people visiting the Northeastern campus. Northeastern students, faculty and staff must use the NUwave network.

When I’m in the residence halls, I also see a NURes-Device network. Is that how I should connect my mobile device?
No. The NURes-device network is specifically for devices that do not support 802.1x and are not able to connect to NUwave, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Kindle (first generation), Nintendo 3DS, and Roku devices. You should ALWAYS connect your computer(s) and mobile phone(s) to NUwave for secure wireless access.

Why does my NUwave connection sometimes seem slow?
Use of bandwidth-heavy online games and streaming video can negatively affect the wireless network’s performance.

I’m getting a weak NUwave signal on campus. What’s wrong?
If the signal strength is low and you believe the area should be covered by NUwave, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or

Updated March 2015