Student Organizations at NU

Meet new people. Share your background. Discover new talents. Get involved!

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A Yankee Swap with the Northeastern Taiwanese Student Association

One of the best ways to meet new people and become comfortable in your new environment is to get involved. And since Northeastern is home to more than 260 student organizations, you have a wealth of options.

Many of these groups are cultural in nature and reflect the interests of globally-focused students and scholars. Others range from academic and professional societies to athletics, performing arts, student government and everything in between. No matter what the group’s focus, each provides you with the opportunity to make new friends, build the foundation of professional network, explore new areas of interest, and truly integrate in campus life.

Below is a list of student cultural organizations on campus.

 African Student Organization
 Arab Student Association
 Armenian Student Association
 Asian Student Union
 Barkada - Filipino Student Association
 Black Student Association
 Cape Verdean Student Association
 Caribbean Students Association
 Chinese Culture and Conversations Club
 Chinese Student and Scholar Association
 EurAsia Organization
 The French Connection
 German American Association
 Haitian Student Unity
 Hellenic Association
 Hong Kong Student Association
 Indonesian Student Association
 Iranian Student Association
 Students for Israel
 Italian Culture Society
 Japanese Cultural Club
 Japanese Student Association
 Korean American Student Association
 Korean Graduate Student Association
 Latin American Student Organization
 Multicultural Organization
 Students for Justice in Palestine
 Portuguese Culture Club
 Sanskriti - Indian Graduate Student Organization
 Saudi Arabian Student Organization
 South Asian Student Organization - Utsav
 Swahili Club
 Taiwanese Student Association at Northeastern University
 Thai Culture Club
 Turkish Students Association
 Vietnamese Student Association

For information on other student organizations, such as those designed for a common interest in academics, community service, politics, religion or sports, please visit the website for the Office of Student Activities.