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Partners in Discovery

Today’s global challenges are far too complex to tackle alone. They demand an approach that brings disciplines together and dissolves the lines among industry, government, communities, and universities worldwide.

Isec interior

Innovation Ecosystem

Our Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex is a hub for collaborative research. Inside this 220,000-square-foot innovation ecosystem, great minds come together—finding new ways to improve lives, to keep people and systems secure, and to preserve our fragile planet.

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Hear about our interdisciplinary approach from our faculty.

A Research Powerhouse

As a top-tier national research university, we are relentless in our drive toward use-inspired discoveries, designed for impact.

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Shared Challenges

The Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex unites scientists and engineers under one roof, complementing cross-disciplinary initiatives and creative partnerships across this university and beyond.

Discover more about our priority initiatives

Building resilience against disasters
Building resilience against global turbulence
Ensuring network security
Ensuring network security
Sustaining coastal communities
Sustaining coastal communities
Predicting the spread of memes and contagions
Predicting the spread of memes and contagions
Building materials at the nanoscale
Building materials at the nanoscale
Delivering better medicines
Delivering better medicines

Melding disciplines for maximum IMPACT

Igniting ideas through CONNECTIVITY

Setting benchmarks in SUSTAINABILITY

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Research Clusters

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Power in partnerships

At Northeastern, partnerships drive progress. Our Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex brings together industry leaders, federal agencies, and scholars from Boston to Beijing to help shape the future. And it’s a beacon and resource for our community youth who dream of becoming the next generation of scientists.

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