1. Why did you choose Northeastern University?

I was looking at a couple of options as I was applying for college but I was unsure of what I wanted to do. Northeastern seemed like the best choice at that time because of the location to begin with, but as well as the programs they offered were expansive. NU seemed liked the best choice then.906916_704773292890271_1555295901_o

2. Was the co-op program important in your choice to attend NEU?

It was, no matter what major I was going to choose I knew that it was important to have experience before you graduate. It can also help a person know what they want to do when they graduate and know what they like and dislike. Looking at the co-ops, the dialogues, the study abroad programs; they are all are what made Northeastern unique when I was considering my options.

3. Why did you choose to major in International Affairs?

I can’t tell you why I chose it, it was literally a last minute decision before I applied and sent in my applications. I had the notion that if I didn’t like it, I had the capability to change it. That’s part of why I chose Boston and Northeastern University, if I were to go to American University I wouldn’t have the scope that I have here. I enjoy it very much and I haven’t changed my mind. Northeastern has been fulfilling with all of the experiential opportunities and classes.

4. What has been your favorite class?

One of my favorite classes has been International Law. I had been interested in law in general in the past, a bit, but the international aspect was exactly what I was looking for. It was a combination of politics and international affairs but in a different direction and focus.

5. How do you choose your co-op?

My coop at the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention was my first choice thankfully. I actually went on a dialogue in Geneva prior to going on co-op there, where I had met my future boss and I was resolved to work at this organization specifically. I applied to a few other co-ops, including CANVAS in Serbia, they came into Northeastern in my freshman year and so I had an initial interest. I never really looked into many as I heard back from the AP Convention co-op first. I had always been interested in international co-ops, as an international student the U.S. is essentially an international experience, but jobs outside the U.S. seemed more interesting to me at the time.

 6. Can you tell us about your experience on co-op at the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention?

I was a junior program officer at the mine thing. It was honestly one of the greatest co-ops I’d heard of, and it was more than I expected, it was great in every aspect. For example, I felt a part of the team and not just an intern. I was engaged in meeting with diplomats and ambassadors, writing up reports, organizing meetings monthly or annually. My favorite person I was able to meet was the Prince of Jordan. He was a very interesting character; I had seen a lot of his work within the convention. I was able to schedule a short one-on-one with him and speak with him about his involvement with the convention. He’s one of those few people who actually care about what he does; he’s always looking for some way to engage, especially when it comes to victim assistance. 1399798_661816940519240_31658114_o

There was a good amount of research within the co-op. Some were within my own interests, but for example I attended a workshop in Kuwait on landmines. I had to assist my boss who was giving a speech for that presentation. Some of the things I was interested in were victim assistance and creating new projects or trying to engage with different representatives, and try to push for the convention to become more global. I speak Arabic so they had me work a lot within Arabic-speaking regions, so your job is tailored to your abilities.

 7. What do you have in mind for the future?

This co-op has definitely helped me build up my network and make connections. I’ve actually been trying to develop my own co-op which I’m currently working on, and because of this co-op I’ve met some people who have been helping me do that. I’m trying hard to go back to Geneva and work with the Saudi mission. There are some things out of my control, but this is my goal for my next co-op. I could see myself working and living in Geneva one day, the international environment is something that I would love to immerse myself in.