2018 MFA Thesis Exhibition

The first cohort of students in the MFA in Interdisciplinary art will show their thesis works in a group exhibition June 21-July 9 in Northeastern University’s Gallery 360. The works are the result of an intensive, year-long project development process blending research and creative practice, with ambitious results.

MFA Annual Program Exhibition at Proof Gallery

Unreal places can be unreal in very different ways, for example the world of the dead, the world of dreams, parallel universes. Similarly the worlds we create through artworks that vary in aesthetics, form, and meaning. Thresholds is an exhibition of six artists in the Interdisciplinary Arts MFA program who each provide a unique entryway into their particular world.

March 29: Do It Big

"Do It Big" is a panel discussion featuring curators working in significant arts institutions in Boston: the ICA, SMFA at Tufts University, and the Northeastern Center for the Arts. The conversation will focus on understanding the different mission and goals of these institutions, the roles they play in a city's creative community, and the ways that they work with artists at different points in their careers. 

March 16: Wendy Jacob

Wendy Jacob is an artist whose work bridges traditions of sculpture, invention and design, and explores relationships between architecture and perceptual experience. Her work spans many media and disciplines and has included architectural elements that respond to touch; pneumatic walls and ceilings; sound based work in the form of vibrating environmental elements and responsive furniture design.

February 22: Do It in Galleries

"Do It in Galleries" is a panel discussion to help the emerging artist successfully work with a gallery to mount a small group exhibition. Presentations will emphasis preparing for the thesis exhibition, but the tips and tools extend to working with college galleries and independent spaces, as well.

February 15: Do It With Others

Do It With Others” is a professional practices panel on the role of collaboration and cooperation in building a sustainable career in the creative arts. Each panelist will give a short presentation on their involvement in collective creative endeavors, emphasizing how collaborative enterprises can provide both an artistic community and an income stream for artists.

February 12: Georgie Friedman

Georgie Friedman is an interdisciplinary artist whose projects include large-scale video installations, single and multi-channel videos, and photographic series.  She is interested in psychological and cultural relationships to natural phenomena. Transforming built structures through use of large-scale video installations is just one of the many approaches she takes to  addressing environment.

February 8: Do It Yourself

"Do It Yourself" is a panel discussion on career pathways for the independent artist or media maker. Each panelist will give a short, practical presentation on the nuts and bolts of career building and the economics of sustaining a creative life in their chosen fields. Following the presentation, panelists will engage in open discussion with each other and the audience.

November 17: From Bedroom to Gallery

This week, MFA students in the Interdisciplinary Arts program will join the conversation about re-contextualized art in a pop-up exhibition at The Distillery Gallery in South Boston. The student exhibition and publication function as a culmination of themes and practices discussed in Visiting Professor Sam Adams’s class entitled Contemporary Visual Culture- Collecting and Display (ARTH 5400).

November 1-2: Robert Blackson Visiting Critic

MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts students will interview publicly engaged curator Robert Blackson, Director of the Temple Contemporary, during his residency at Northeastern Center for the Arts.

Boston Arts Calendar

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