Sarah Kanouse is a research-based artist, critical writer, and program coordinator of the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts. Her multiplatform creative projects trace the production of landscape through ecological, historical, and legal forces.

Kara Braciale is a visual artist and curator whose work plays with language and modes of translation to triangulate the location of meaning in a work of art. Her recent work involves the translation of text into binary code to generate grid-based visualizations of text.

Professor Mira Cantor is an artist whose work currently focuses on the relationship and urgency of climate change through painting and mixed media.

Professor Derek Curry is an artist and researcher working with automated decision-making systems used in the process of data aggregation and classification in algorithmic trading systems and Open Source Intelligence gathering (OSINT).

Bree Edwards is the Director of the Northeastern Center for the Arts.

Jennifer Gradecki is an artist-theorist who aims to facilitate a practice-based understanding of socio-technical systems that typically evade public scrutiny.

Julia Hechtman is an interdisciplinary artist based in Boston who makes works that show how images and objects can deliver meaning and generate first-hand experience for the viewer. She shows her multimedia installations nationally and internationally.

Mark Lomanno is an ethnomusicologist and jazz pianist who specializes in embodied performance practice, critical improvisation studies, and the musical cultures of the Atlantic world.

Celia Pearce is a game designer, author, researcher, teacher, curator and artist, specializing in multiplayer gaming and virtual worlds, independent, art, and alternative game genres, as well as games and gender.

Ronald Smith is a composer whose works incorporate acoustic instruments and electronics and often evidence a contemplative character, a preoccupation with resonance, and an openness to new sound sources.

Dani Snyder-Young is a scholar/artist focusing on performance as a social and civic practice. She studies theatre and social change, applied theatre, and contemporary US activist performance; her directing and dramaturgy praxis emphasize community-based, site-specific approaches to theatre-making.

Gloria Sutton is an art historian studying how time-based media and technological experimentation have altered the creation and reception of visual art since 1968.

David Tamés is a documentary media maker working in both linear and interactive forms.

Thomas Vannatter is the Program Coordinator at the Northeastern Center for the Arts.