Emily Batt, S'12

The experiential element of Northeastern was a huge draw for me, and it did not disappoint. Northeastern’s passionate faculty helped to guide my experience. Want to join a club? Do it. Learn to code? Do it. Play in band? Exhibit artwork? Start a business? Do it. Do it. Do it. Northeastern will supply the tools, but it will not hold your hand. This builds in students a sense of resourcefulness and grit that serves them well both in and after college.

I’m committed to prioritizing philanthropy, even early in my career. I am passionate about giving back, which is why I co-founded the MMXI fund at Northeastern. We created the MMXI fund to celebrate the best of what makes Northeastern so incredible: the students. Every day I read about the remarkable things Northeasterners are doing, and I want to offer more students the freedom to take risks without the burden of educational debt.