Binja Basimike, BHS’12, MPH’14

I love that Northeastern provides the opportunity for students to truly thrive. My family moved around a lot growing up and I saw intelligent children not live up to their potential as they didn’t have access to education. This always pushed me to do more, to be more, and to take full advantage of the opportunity that Northeastern afforded me.

Northeastern’s faculty and academic advisors truly made Northeastern home for me. They checked on me, invited me to their homes, ensured that I wasn’t alone for Thanksgiving, and offered encouragement when I was homesick or wanted to give up. The friends I made were also there when I needed to talk about how much I missed my family. I feel like this is why I stay connected to the university—I was treated like family and not just another student passing through, which made all the difference.

I continue to support Northeastern because I got so much out of my time here. I feel responsible in some way to ensure that other students get as much out of a Northeastern education as I did. I often return to campus as a guest lecturer, sit on welcome day panels, and give back through the MMXI scholarship. I stay connected to show students, especially international students, that it is possible to excel away from the comforts of home.