Stacey Markovic

Stacey Markovic

Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Advisor: Mark Niedre

Collaborators: Sri Sridhar, Mark Niedre



Graduated from Northeastern University in 2008 with B.S in Electrical Engineering

Graduated from Boston University in 2010 with M.S. in Biomedical Engineering

My research is to develop a broad-field fluorescence imaging approach using nanoparticle mediated fluorescence in two applications. The first aim of my research is to quantify nanoparticle diffusion in tumors in vivo. The NIR fluorescence imaging of the nanoparticles in the tumor allows non-invasive monitoring and marking of the tumor as well as long term drug delivery directly into the cancer tissue. The second aim I am working on is the enumeration of rare circulating cells in vivo. The non-invasive broad-field fluorescence imaging address the problem of rarely found cells in the blood stream. The increased volume of blood observed and an automated computer vision counting approach push the limits of current cell counting techniques.



  • Enumerating Rare Circulating Cells In Vivo with a Computer Vision Approach, Stacey Markovic, Binlong Li, Mario Sznier, Octavia Camps, and Mark Niedre, Northeastern University RISE Expo, Boston, MA, Mar 2012