Samira Faegh

Samira Faegh

Department: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Advisor: Nader Jalili

Collaborators: Sri Sridhar, Nader Jalili



I am an IGERT fellow in the fourth year of PhD at Northeastern University. Studying Mechanical Engineering as a graduate student, I strongly desired to relate my engineering background to life science. Therefore, I pursued my master degree in biomechanical engineering as a research assistant under the supervision of Professor Sinan Müftü. My research concentrated on the analysis of load transfer and stress distribution in the bone in the presence of dental implants using finite element method. Publications in prestigious journal and conferences were the result of that study. I joined IGERT program on January 2011 and started developing a novel nanomechanical biosensor for detection of proteins and disease markers. Utilizing piezoactive microcantilevers being capable of transducing molecular recognition into detectable physical quantity enables detection of multiple marker proteins simultaneously. Developing such a sensor requires interactions of multiple disciplines. The most important advantage of joining IGERT program is the opportunity provided to work on a multidisciplinary project. The possibility of doing an internship in a different lab and making a joint with prestigious research groups in the area gives the opportunity of developing different angles of the project in its best possible way.