Matt Dubach

Matt Dubach

Department: Bioengineering
Advisor: Heather Clark



My research focuses on developing novel fluorescent nanoparticles to use as tools for measurement of chemical concentrations in biological samples. With these nanoparticles, we have measured sodium dynamics in excitable cells and sodium concentrations in the skin of mice, which correlate to blood concentrations. I am currently creating nanoparticle sensors that will function as a long term sensing tattoo in the skin and developing novel imaging devices to measure the sensor response.

This research has enabled me to establish a company, Ionu Biosystems, with the goal of making our nanoparticle sensing technology a medical product for human use. We recently received an SBIR grant from NASA to develop a smart phone Chem8 blood test. As the principal investigator on this grant I plan to utilize the skills and knowledge I obtained in the Igert nanomedicine program to advance our product towards human use.



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