James McNulty

James McNulty

Department: Physics
Advisor: Sri Sridhar



I am currently working towards a B.S. in Physics and Mathematics, graduating in May 2008. I am interested in many areas of physics in addition to nanotechnology & nanomedicine here at IGERT, encompassing many fields in applied and theoretical physics.

One of the projects I am working on is Magnetic Hyperthermia using iron oxide nanoparticles, which has potential applications for cancer treatment. I am also working with nanoporous alumina templates which will be used for drug delivery systems.


  • Nano-assembly and controlled release kinetics of nanoelements from nanoporous teplates, E. Gultepe, D. Nagesha, J. McNulty, S. Sridhar, Proceedings of the 2008 APS March Meeting, New Orleans, USA, March 10-14, V., P. (2008)