Benjamin Geilich

Benjamin Geilich

Department: Bioengineering
Advisor: Thomas Webster



Ben was born and raised in Hanover, NH, and attended Brown University in Providence, RI for his undergraduate degree. He graduated with a bachelor of science in Neuroscience in 2012 with a focus on biomaterials. During his time at Brown, Ben served as the captain of the Stanford-Brown iGEM (international genetically engineered machines competition) team, and conducted research at NASA Ames in Mountain View, CA. After graduation, Ben was awarded a graduate assistantship to pursue his doctorate in Bioengineering at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Ben’s research with Dr. Webster focuses on various applications of nanotechnology and biomimetic systems to prevent and treat bacterial adherence and proliferation on indwelling medical devices. Currently, Ben is working on designing and commercializing a silver nanoparticle-embedded polymersome nanocarrier for use in treating antibiotic-resistant infections. In his “spare time”, he enjoys cooking, reading, playing music, skiing, and exploring Boston.