We’ve successfully launched over 40 new ventures
with our program. Check them out below!

Fresh Truck

Fresh Truck is working to radically impact community health by celebrating food culture and getting fresh food to people that need it the most.

Eat Your Coffee

Eat Your Coffee makes naturally-caffeinated snacks made with real, ethically-sourced ingredients.

Mobile Pixel

Mobile Pixels is in the business to help mobile laptop users increase their productivity by enabling
them with a secondary monitor while on-the-go.


The Mavrck influencer marketing platform provides end-to-end relationship management, workflow automation, and measurement for integrated influencer, advocacy, referral, and loyalty marketing programs at scale that benefit multiple touchpoints and marketing functions.


Holobiome is private biotechnology company developing microbiome-based therapeutics for mental health.

The Handle Bar

The Handle Bar is an indoor cycling chain located in metro Boston. Their studios are located in South
Boston, Fenway, and Harvard Square.


b.bloc™ by blistabloc is the only reactive shoe insert that prevents blisters from forming.


Our analysis technology automatically parses text from your contracts to identify key data, content, and liabilities.

Amino App

Amino has authentic mobile communities for whatever you’re into.


Blurr is a comprehensive photo sharing app that connects people’s shared experiences through photos to bring real-time access to authentic, uncensored images taken at events.


Tablelist is the only nightlife service you’ll ever need. With a private concierge, VIP table booking, member-exclusive events and more, we’ve got you covered.

3D Fortify

3DFortify is an advanced manufacturing startup that aims to disrupt additive manufacturing.

88 Acres

88 Acres creates seed based snacks
resulting in an nutritional, environmental sustainable, and delicious source of fuel

Achieve Fitness

Achieve fitness is the gym reimagined where all are welcome and a team of coaches and a community that empowers and supports your finess journey.

Akrivis Technology

Akrivis Technologies is a bio pharmaceutical company
striving for early detection, diagnosis and treatment of serious and life-threatening
diseases based on its patented Z-TECT™ technology platform.


AndrosRobotics are innovating the future
with robotic arms are human safe and powerful and the flexibilty to be used in public spaces

Boston Materials

Boston Materials is built on satisfying the need
for more tougher, safer, and versatile by using Carbon Supercomposite™


Bureo is untangling the mess of plastic pollution by repurposing
fishing nets into goods such as skateboards and sunglasses all while spreading awareness of this growing issue


Covet is a new type of cosignment store in Boston to find high end pieces to affordable and chic options.


Crystal is a software product that automatically detects and analyzes the personality of any person with an online footprint.


Directive Communication Systems is the first and only estate management
solution helping attorneys to personal representatives organize and contact personal accounts to fulfill an individual’s final wishes


DRINKmaple is a deliciously tasting, hydrating drink made from pure maple water.


Elsen is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that leverges cloud architecture
and utilizes intuituve design to aid large financial institutions harness vast amounts of data and make better decisons.

Encore Realty

Encore Realty is the answer for navigating
Boston’s residential enviornment with their experience in buying, selling, and renting


Esportudo is a data-driven media company that focuses on personalization to increase user engagement and retention.

Everyday Speech

Everyday Speech is a social learning platform
that educators use to teach social skills to their students who may not pick them up naturally.


Idyoma is changing how people learn languages by making it social where you can meet local language learners


Jobble is an online marketplace that connects businesses to a network of people looking to work business gigs.


Ledabour creates interactive kiosks specialized for the healthcare industry
and have streamlined the Patient Check-In Process and are a true complete solution provider.


Matchupbox is a global technology provider aiming to improve digital security on personal data.


MentorWorks is changing the burden of Student debt with a flexible model for repayments and providing a network of mentors


Mini Pops is a perfect snack that is unique, nutritious,
and tasty that is all natural and doesn’t annoying kernels that gets stuck in between teeth.

Moniker Guitars

Moniker Guitars build completeley customizable guitars and basses that are as unique as the music you play


Noble is a mobile app that eliminates point-of-sale interactions that account for 50% of a bartender’s workflow during busy periods.


Offsprout makes it easy to create a wordpress
website which puts the focus back on your business and not on building a website.


OffTheGrid encites adventure into your trip with professionally guided off road expeditions for UTV’s Side by Sides vehicles


PopLab creates deliecious frozen treats without all the extra ingredients that are simple and cater to a wide range of diets.


PreApps is app marketing that launches your app to the next level by growing apps to have more downloads and sales.


Presskit.to is a simple yet powerful portfolio web app designed to enhance professional communication within the professional music and broader entertainment industries.

Pure Solutions

Pure Solutions is a service company that specializes in the control of mosquitoes, ticks, deer, and indoor bugs in residential, commercial, and recreational areas.


Reppr is a platform that allows brands to connect with and hire creative millennials looking to become remote, field marketers, or brand ambassadors.


RFMarkets has created the Waylz mobile application which is a play stock market designed to help teach people how the markets work.


Skreens is a SaaS cloud-based visual engine that lets you build personalized experiences to change the way people watch television.

The Third Piece

Third Piece is a knitwear concept. Created to be part boutique and part yarn store, we offer a hybrid approach that is reinventing the craft of knitting through curated yarns and beautiful products.


Unsize eliminates the uncertainty of “Will it fit me?” during the online shopping process through a webapp and connected hardware device for young professional women.


UTurnAudiio is a independent turntable maker on a mission to make the great sound acccessible with an affordable yet well crafted option

Willo Cocktails

Willo Cocktails is a ready-to-drink cocktail that’s organic, filled with fresh juices, and has no more than 100 calories per serving.


CogniTea is redefining what tea is capable of and our ‘tea party’ celebrates ambition, resilience, and persistence.


Diabetic testing supplies for 85% less than retail.