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Roles and Responsibilities

The IDEA management team is led by 31 Northeastern University undergraduate students from varying educational backgrounds that are passionate about helping ventures succeed and growing the IDEA program to reach its full potential. By being on the management team, you get hands-on experience working with entrepreneurs on a daily basis and is a great way to get involved with other entrepreneurship enthusiasts. Pursuing a Business degree is not a requirement to join the management team; we encourage everyone to apply, as long as you are curious, want to learn more about entrepreneurship, and are a current undergraduate student enrolled at the university.

Marketing and Events Team

The Marketing and Events team deals primarily with managing all messages that go out to the community, across all channels of interest (social media, blog, e-mail newsletters, etc.). This team is also responsible for organizing events both within and outside of the Northeastern entrepreneurial community, as well as executing the marketing campaigns that precede those. If you have a creative eye, are a social media wiz, or if you are a talented writer, this is the team for you.

Community Team

The Community Team is responsible for ensuring stronger connections with IDEA’s core communities: Management Team members, ventures, Northeastern University, and the external Boston community. The team is responsible for interacting with student clubs, university professors, and service providers to actively manage and enhance the IDEA venture community through direct communication, proactive engagement, providing better access to resources, and meaningful programming.

Tech Team

The Tech Team exists to ensure operational efficiency and data validity and integrity within IDEA. This team provides support across other teams to identify and solve problems leveraging technology, from automating and streamlining tasks to deriving data-driven insights. Handling Salesforce and website implementations are also part of this team’s responsibilities. Join us if you have a technical background, are passionate about the entrepreneurial world, like problem solving, are creative and data driven.

Venture Team

The Venture Team exists to make entrepreneurship an accessible and understandable opportunity for the Northeastern community. The team is responsible for supporting ventures through the combination of educational, monetary, and community-based resources. This includes, but is not limited to: designing the venture experience through our program, communicating directly with ventures, running information sessions and events, and providing constructive feedback. Join us if you’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses!


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