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by Alexandra Allocca

This past Wednesday, BetaBoston named their 2015 list of ‘25 Under 25’. This impressive group of young innovators includes several members of Northeastern University’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and IDEA portfolio companies. The list includes Laura Marelic founder of Scout, Julian Jung founder of Tableist, Toni Oloko founder of Practice Gigs, Benjamin Anderson founder of Amino Apps, and Christopher Wolfel co-founder of Mavrck and former CEO of IDEA. Check out the full list and extended BetaBoston profiles here.

Laura Marelic, Scout. Marelic is the founder and CEO of Scout, Northeastern’s new, entirely student run and led, full service design studio. She aimed to create a community of creative problem solvers who use design thinking to build groundbreaking experiences for their clients, their team, and the Northeastern community. As a recent graduate of Northeastern University’s College of Arts Media & Design, Marelic wanted to give a studio team of student-designers exposure to help their clients build better solutions through design, to strengthen the design community at Northeastern, and to develop their professional skills. Marelic has left a significant impact on the design program at Northeastern by building up the community that fosters creativity.

Julian Jung, Tablelist. Julian Jung is the founder and CEO of Tablelist, a platform that allows anyone to book a table or bottle service at their favorite nightclub, directly from their phone. The company was founded only two years ago and is an official Launched venture of IDEA. Tablelist has raised millions of dollars in outside funding and currently connects people to hundreds of venues in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Foxwoods, and the Hamptons. Prior to founding Tablelist, Jung was a real estate broker specializing in high end real estate sales, rentals, and investment property, and he stands out for his natural ability to take large, calculated risks.

Toni Oloko, PracticeGigs. Joining IDEA in 2013, Toni Oloko has founded PracticeGigs, a peer-to-peer learning marketplace that enables tennis players to achieve their dreams by creating connections that allow them to improve by following the mantra: “when you practice with better players, you get better faster”. Along with being chief executive, Oloko is also a current student at the University of Pennsylvania and stands out as a young and ambitious CEO with skills in public speaking and innovation.

Benjamin Anderson, Amino Apps. Benjamin Anderson is the co- founder and CEO of Amino Apps, a mobile-only platform for passionate niche communities. Founded in 2013, Amino Apps is already an official Launched venture of IDEA, raising over $2 million in outside funding. Anderson is known for his innovative nature as well as his talents in social media marketing and believes that the IDEA process was “essential for any entrepreneur to have in place”.

Christopher Wolfel, Mavrck. Wolfel is co-founder and chief revenue officer at Mavrck, a high-growth, venture-backed social influence marketing company based in Boston. The company aims to drive more sales on social media by leveraging the powers of premier consumer brands. Mavrck is another officially Launched IDEA venture; while in accelerator, the company received gap funding to develop their platform and acquire their first customers. Wolfel heads up the sales, marketing and revenue for the company. After participating in TechStars Boston in 2014, Mavrck closed a $2.5 million Series A funding round from GrandBanks Capital, and officially launched the white label version of its social influence marketing platform. Wolfel is known as one of the few 25-year-old CROs and co-founders in this city.

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