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by Ben Bungert

It’s exciting for IDEA every time one of our ventures receives external funding, and this week is especially exciting as Amino Apps gets funding! So in light of Amino’s success we decided it would be a good idea to introduce you to some of our other 31 externally funded ventures.



Amino is a mobile-only platform for passionate niche communities and received its first round of  funding this past Tuesday, led by Union Square Ventures, along with eight others. (From CrunchBase) The company is looking to expand their app communities.


 logo@2xSocii is a mobile app that enables businesses to generate word-of-mouth on social media and  rewards users for these recommendations. (From CrunchBase) The company has successfully  travelled through three different rounds of funding to develop their app and market the product.



Flytenow connects aviation enthusiasts with local pilots and facilitated ride sharing and has received funding fromseveral different locations including Dorm Room Fund.(From CrunchBase)


splashscore_wp_logo_nonretina  Splashscore helps brands and agencies maximize social media ROI through influencer-powered earned media campaigns.  The company went through two rounds of funding, one of which came from IDEA.


preapps Logo Revised PreApps is a web destination to discover exclusive new apps for iOS Android and the Windows phone. (FromCrunchBase) The company went through three rounds of funding over two years and used the funds to further develop/market their current platform.


Check out these companies and more on the IDEA website, CrunchBase and their personal websites!


*Company descriptions taken from CrunchBase.