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by Sarah Gaines

With the end of spring semester comes the change of management from one CEO to the next. We welcome our new CEO, Nick Naraghi. As Northeastern University’s former President of Student Government, Nick brings leadership experience and an exciting vision for IDEA’s future.

“It’s really important we always remember the learning aspect of what we do. At a higher education institution [like Northeastern], we are here to educate entrepreneurs. Even if their business isn’t successful, it’s important that the entrepreneur still learned what it takes to make a successful business.”

Though Nick was initially drawn to IDEA with the intention of starting his own venture, Chris Wolfel, the CEO at the time, thought Nick would be a perfect candidate for CEO. Fast forward a few months and here we are with Nick heading the IDEA management team.

What are Nick’s plans during his term as CEO? As IDEA grows into a larger venture accelerator, Nick wants to ensure that all members are working together to achieve the same goal: serving our clients with excellence while providing the best possible aid in the business starting process. Additionally, Nick hopes to strengthen IDEA’s marketing strategies and greatly enhance IDEA’s investor network as an organized and official system for investors to view what ventures are available to invest in.

IDEA has a very exciting future ahead and we are excited to have Nick leading the way. Be on the look out for exciting happenings this year!