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by Sarah Gaines

Whether you’re already big into the tech scene or you’re just first trying to get your feet wet, you won’t want to miss these five tech events happening in the Hub this May.



3D Hub Launch Boston, 5/9 @ 5:30pm: Remember the days when you thought you’d be able to fax someone a sandwich someday in the future? Well, the future has arrived. Join 3D Hubs, the world’s largest network of 3D printers,as they launch in Boston and host a 3D printing and meet-up session. Read more about the event and get your tickets here!

Pioneers in Medical Technology, 5/14 @ 9am: Are you apart of a startup in the medical field? This conference is for you. In this full day conference, you’ll “explore the strategies startups can utilize to create profitable organizations and what it takes for their technologies to be adopted in the healthcare sector.” The conference will include multiple workshops, a panel on the future of medical technology and the integration of medical devices with mobile and tele-health connectivity, an employers booth, and networking. Click here to purchase your ticket.

The Hello Project, 5/14 @ 7pm: Created by the Startup Institute and Future Boston Alliance, The Hello Project works to connect the Boston arts & design and tech communities. Attend their first ever The Hello Project and, in their words, “say hello and meet someone awesome.” Sounds pretty good to me. To make things even better, the event is free of charge! Register here.


WB-LogosMaster Slam: Crowdfunding vs Angel Funding, 5/20 @ 6pm: A slam poetry competition on the topic of a startup’s biggest question…to raise capital through crowdfunding or angel investors. Sit back and witness six intense 90 second debates while you sip on a nice Harpoon and enjoy a few snacks. Participants include Drync, Splashscore, Six Foods, Scoopr, Brandhack and Crave Labs. Read more about the event and RSVP here.

Programming for Non-Programmers Bootcamp, 5/30-6/1: As an entrepreneur, it’s important to be able to communicate with everyone on your team. In this three day bootcamp, you’ll learn all you need to know so you can talk tech with your web development team. Day one will take you through the basics and in days two and three you’ll learn about front and back end web development. Buy your tickets here.