Husky Starter is Northeastern University’s crowdfunding platform, making it easy to follow, connect with, and support the most innovative and inspiring student projects on campus.

Supporters: Choose your favorite projects and donate any dollar amount, knowing that your money will go directly to the organizations that are most important to you.

Students: Do you need funding for your Northeastern-affiliated project? Use this platform to turn your ideas into reality!



Why use Husky Starter?

As far as crowdfunding goes, there are a lot of options available to the general public: KickStarter, IndieGoGo, Crowdrise, and GoFundMe, just to name a few. Husky Starter is exclusively available to the Northeastern community and has no fees, which means 100 percent of proceeds raised goes toward the designated project.

How do students apply?

Submit an online application here. Be sure to complete the entire application in order to be considered.

How are the projects chosen?

Applications are reviewed and selected by staff members of Northeastern Annual Giving. Projects are chosen based on their professionalism, innovative qualities, social impact, feasibility, and overall commitment to the Husky Starter process.

What types of projects qualify?

Projects, events, or activities featured on Husky Starter must be completed within one year from the close of your fundraiser. If you have an ongoing project that has defined completion stages, there may be the opportunity to apply for multiple Husky Starter fundraisers.

All students currently enrolled and in good standing with the university are eligible to apply for a Husky Starter fundraiser.

  1. Organizations must be officially recognized by the university.
  2. Projects must be affiliated with the university through an approved organization or academic/research program.
  3. All applicants must have a faculty or staff recommendation.
  4. All funds raised MUST be applied toward the stated project outlined on the Husky Starter webpage.

If selected, what is the responsibility of the students?

Husky Starter is a unique opportunity to expose your efforts to thousands of potential donors, and because of this, the program is reserved for the most dedicated students. If selected, participants must partake in the following activities:

  1. Strategize! Crowdfunding requires hard work and a carefully planned campaign. Write content, create email lists, and consider external marketing channels.
  2. Utilize your own networks to promote your project and drive donors to the site. Project members are expected to send out at least six email asks and publicize the project on social media.
  3. Acknowledge your project’s donors by preparing a written thank you to be sent by The Northeastern Fund office.
  4. Document your project through photos or video, providing an update to your donors if a challenge or competition has been completed.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, your gift is tax-deductible. Those who make a gift over $5 will receive a receipt verifying that the gift has been deposited.

Where does the money go?

One hundred percent of the money raised, whether or not a group hits its goal, goes directly to the fundraising group. After the project is complete, The Northeastern Fund will transfer the money into the organization’s university budget index. No money will be distributed to individuals. Every group must have a university-issued budget number in order to participate.