ScholarJet is a social enterprise startup created by two Northeastern students who believe in empowering their peers to take action in financing their educations. This web-based platform is designed to revolutionize the scholarship process: instead of writing essays to earn scholarship support, students will complete enriching challenges that unlock donor contributions to help fund their studies. These tasks align with the donor’s interests and beliefs, and can be creative, physical, community service, or STEM-related.

We believe that there are many generous individuals with a desire to support the educational pursuits of young students. We also share the values of these individuals who recognize the importance of a strong work ethic, and the rewards of creating meaningful outcomes.

With Husky Starter donors’ help, we are now able to host Northeastern University’s first ScholarJet scholarship competition. One student will walk away with the scholarship prize of $1,000, but every applicant will benefit from the enriching experience.

This opportunity to award our first scholarship is extremely important to us, as it is a chance to showcase the value that ScholarJet provides.

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Warmest regards,
Tuan Ho and Joe Alim
Co-founders of ScholarJet