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Engineering World Health

$12,796 were raised to send the Northeastern Engineering World Health Club to Ethiopia to improve healthcare access in the country!

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Women’s Powerlifting

$3,165 raised to send the Northeastern Women’s Powerlifting Team to Collegiate Nationals in San Antonio, Texas.

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Women’s Alpine Ski Team

$2,850 raised to help cover race fees for the 2017 USCSA eastern regional championships

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Women’s Lacrosse

$1,800 raised to send the Northeastern Women’s Lacrosse Team to the Santa Barbara Shootout Competition in California

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Men’s Powerlifting

$2,000 raised to send the Northeastern Men’s Powerlifting Team to the Collegiate Powerlifting Nationals Competition in San Antonio, Texas

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$1,150 raised to fund ScholarJet—and bring our community together while delivering an innovative solution to financial aid

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Social Enterprise Institute—South Africa

$2,300 raised to purchase materials required to carry out service projects and guarantee that SEI can make an impact in South Africa

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