Why become a Husky Card vendor?

  • Additional clientele: More often than not, students and employees will carry nothing but their Husky Card on and around campus. Accepting the Husky Card is an effective way to see an increase in business and excellent customer appreciation!
  • Additional marketing: We list your business name, address, and website (if available) in our online Husky Card vendor list, designed to let students know about all of our Husky vendor locations.
  • Identifying stickers: We provide stickers to display in and outside your establishment, so those walking by will immediately identify you as a Husky Card vendor and a good place to stop in.
  • Direct mail: Becoming a vendor provides you access to send direct mailings on campus, a service that is only available to Husky Card vendors.

What are the costs of becoming a Husky Card vendor?

There is a one-time service fee associated with becoming a Husky Card vendor. Please contact the Northeastern University Business Office for further details at 617-373-2340.