Northeastern has partnered with Student Advantage, the nation’s leading student discount program, which provides students with exclusive discounts for Greyhound, Target, Lyft, and more than 15,000 other participating locations. Students can get discounts of up to 50% on everyday expenses near campus, online, and at nationwide chains by adding Student Advantage to your Husky Card today. Visit Student Advantage for more information.


How does Student Advantage work?

  • Students can purchase Student Advantage here.
  • Once purchased, students are encouraged to replace their Husky Card with a new Husky Card (free of charge) with the Student Advantage number directly on the back of it.
  • The Student Advantage number must be activated here. Once the Student Advantage number has been activated, you can begin accessing the discounts when you show the cashier your Student Advantage number at any of the participating locations or online.

What if I have an issue with my Student Advantage number?

  • Student Advantage issues should be handled directly with Student Advantage.
  • If your Husky Card breaks or the Student Advantage number on the card is illegible, please go to 4 Speare Commons to receive a new card, free of charge.