The non-refundable Profiler Meal Plan is a block of meals which can be used at the student’s discretion during the academic year. Profiler meal plans end in August at the end of the Summer-2 semester.


Please pay close attention to the end dates as unused meals do not roll over and will not be refunded. The Husky Card Office bases the calendar year for nonrefundable Profiler meal plans from August-August; specific dates are listed under the Important Dates tab.


For those students who may have remaining Profiler Meal balances leftover from 2019-2020 academic year, please refer to the below link for answers to your questions:


Profiler Meal Plan Rates 2020-2021


  • 25 Profiler Meal Plan (Non Refundable)‎ → $475
  • 50 Profiler Meal Plan (Non Refundable) → $920
  • 86 Profiler Meal Plan (Non Refundable) → $1,555
  • 110 Profiler Meal Plan (Non Refundable) → $1,955