In order to receive a Northeastern University Husky Card, you must present a valid government photo ID such as a passport or drivers license. High school IDs, birth certificates, bank cards, social security cards, etc. are not accepted. Any Northeastern University employee has the right to deny the issuance of a Husky Card if they question your true identity.


Incoming Students

New students will receive Husky Cards at their orientation. Their Husky Cards will remain active until graduation or withdrawal from the university. Medical and disciplinary leaves of absence or failure to register for classes will cause the Husky Card to be temporarily deactivated until the medical or disciplinary leave is lifted or the student registers for classes.


Full-time Employees

Full-time faculty and staff can receive their cards at the start of their employment and the card will not expire until they leave the university. Faculty and staff will continue to use their employee Husky Card even if registered for classes.


Northeastern Affiliates

For all part-time employees, contractors, visiting scholars, research assistants, or any other university affiliates, a Husky Card Authorization Form is required in order to receive their card. Affiliates must have an NU ID number in order for the form to be processed. If the affiliate does not have an NU ID number, they are required to go through the sponsored account process.



All Northeastern Alumni are eligible for an Alumni Husky Card. Alumni status will be verified by the University Registrar at the time of pick-up prior to receiving their card.


Expired Cards

If your Husky Card has expired, you will need to fill out a Husky Card Authorization Form with the proper signatures in order for the renewal of your card to be processed.